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The central issue remains the status of the sea; which has prevented any real efforts towards negotiations that could solve the environmental problems. (Experts debate ailing Caspian Sea) Therefore the pollution and other environmental problems in the Caspian Sea and in the region will continue until there is a form of political agreement that can lead to cooperative environmental efforts.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, the problem of pollution and the reduction of arable land, among others, are set to increase in the future - especially if one takes into account the threat of global warming. The only solution to this problem is an integrated and internationally monitored plan of action or remedial plan, as was implemented in the case of the Great Lakes in North America.

The International community should first and foremost lead the different countries in terms of a unified and practical agreement about cleaning up the pollution in the region and this will necessitate close integration...


In this instance, as in the case of many other environmental issues, politics plays an important role. However in the finals analysis cooperation between countries is essential if the larger environmental issues that the world faces are to be solved.



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Environmental problems

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