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The Japanese people do not seem to be too happy, and this makes sense after what they had been through, but it makes them seem inhuman or at least unemotional and distant, something that most Americans do not appreciate. The biggest differences between these cultures seem to be this distance and the Japanese habit of keeping to themselves and not communicating with other people. They keep their emotions inside, and that is not true for many white Americans.

This book is very lyrical and uses vivid descriptions of the natural world to tie the Japanese love of beauty and the natural world...
...The author writes, "Slender and sinuous, olive green, mahogany, red, scarlet, and ash, they were weighted with broad gleaming leaves and velvet berries" (Guterson 106). The book is full of writing like this, which adds to the authenticity of the immigrant experience while painting a vivid portrait of the area, as well.


Guterson, David. Snow Falling on Cedars: A…

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