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Such plants include: prairie popseed, catmint, stonecrops, cornflowers and susans, among others.

These plants are of all colors and are very beautiful when planted together.

Having seen these benefits, it is quite hard to still argue against green roofs. Yet if one finds oneself in this positing there are a variety of specific things that green roofs and do for humans. They include: cleaning and retaining rainwater, reducing the overheating in cities and reducing pollution, adding beauty, lowering air temperatures, improving air quality, lowering heating and cooling bills, expending the life of a roof membrane.

These are seven good reasons why green roofs are so important to our overall health and better lifestyle quality. There are also many things that one can do with green roofs that can keep them going for a long time, including such things as waterproofing, for example, and many more.

Living walls, in addition to green roofs, can make a building truly fantastic to live in. Living walls are just that: living. These walls host a number of plants on their facades, and many are very beautiful. According to a website that specializes on the positives of these installation, the walls have six main benefits: water management, ease of installation, modularity, erosion-control, recyclability, and flexibility. Furthermore, each of these six headings is detailed so that the reader can understand.

For instance, with regards to recyclability, these panels can be installed and are reusable. Just think: recyclable grass, who would have though it? But it is important to think about these advantages, as many individuals do not think about directly.

Yet one does not have to necessarily pay for such panels, or for an installation, because the wonderfulness of living walls is that one can install these by himself or herself. In fact, one video on YouTube details the whole process in minutes. A representative from a living walls company built for instance, a panel that show how panels can interlock and hold water as well as various plants to make a fantastic wall garden, and note necessarily take up

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