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Human Resource Management • evaluate selection practices procedures organisations comparing ' practice' • compare structured process recruitment organisations evaluate methods media •

Human Resources Management

Selection processes and practices are vast theoretical concepts, which can be implemented using a wide series of theoretical models. While the availability of scholarly resources cannot be denied, the practical implementation of selection processes and practices within firms is often undisclosed to the public. It is subjected to internal regulations and not communicated to the public. At the Prairie View A&M University for instance (a member of the Texas A&M university system), selection is simply stated to be conducted "by an ad hoc committee made up of faculty within the department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Human Ecology" (Website of Prairie View A&M University). As a comparison to the best practices, a statement can be made in the meaning that the selection process would have to be carefully developed and implemented, and that the committee handing it should be specialized and well prepared for the task, rather than formed ad hoc.

At an opposite pole, with a more complex and well developed system of employee selection, sits Google. The organization has constructed...


The company has decided to place less emphasis on traditionally sought technical skills and rich resumes, and now focuses on other elements. "Google is now considering activities that indicate leadership abilities, innovation, or creativity as a means to identify successful job candidates. These traits are identified through a series of survey questions aimed at finding out more about a job candidate than could be revealed in a traditional interview or resume" (The Rain Maker Group, 2005).

In the case of Google, recruitment is also conducted in a less traditional means, through the usage of specific channels, such as the internet or specialized journals and magazines. Also, they recruit employees through word of mouth publicity, and rely on the belief that current employees would only recommend skilled and…

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