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Job Description -- Senior Project Manager, Cloud and SaaS Services The Senior Project Manager, Cloud and SaaS Services will provide leadership to project teams serving our clients with state-of-the-art cloud and SaaS services deployments. This role is directly responsible for revenue and requires excellent solutions discovery, design, and development & implementation skills in conjunction with orchestration of global teams. The ideal candidate will have deep expertise leading global teams that have successfully deployed enterprise-wide cloud platforms that serve to unify diverse SaaS applications across multiple geographies.

Responsibilities of the Position

The Senior Project Manager, Cloud and SaaS Services will be responsible for the following activities on our company's current and future cloud and SaaS services deployments:

Excellent skills at managing the day-to-day operational and tactical aspects of multiple large scale projects including orchestration across multiple time zones.

Ability to manage a diverse series of client engagements on a global level by providing leadership across five virtual teams located in various geographic locations. This position will manage up to 20 project managers globally.

Accountable for high-level reviews of all deliverables from initial project proposals and quotes through project plans and delivery schedules. Manages to the constraint of a team of 20 project managers and coordinates with the Vice President, Professional Services to manage and streamline complex projects for clients on an ongoing...


Provides expertise and coaching
Strong financial reporting and analysis skills and the ability to report Earned Value Management (EVM) across the entire spectrum of projects underway and planned for the next eighteen months.

Necessary Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Deep expertise in all aspects of cloud computing, SaaS, integration technologies, Application programmer Interfaces (API), and advanced programming language capabilities.

System architecture expertise with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP platforms including integration of their cloud services and Web Services.

Deep expertise with applications, APIs and use of their systems architecture to create customized cloud applications.

Mobility development expertise on tablets, smartphones and intelligent devices across the spectrum of hardware manufacturers.

Project management expertise in coordination and project-based programs with Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft and SAP partners. This includes Workday integration expertise for their best-selling HRM solution.

PMP Certification…

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