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Kuwait Culinary School

The objective of this business plan for The Kuwait Culinary is twofold. First, it is to be a school that is profitable, steady and long-term business enterprise. Second, it would be for the organization to educate the general community to the simple desires of being able to do things such as cooking at home. Both objectives will be accomplished by utilizing the eagerness, resources and knowledge of the staff and the owner. Kuwait Culinary School represents classic culinary methods with modern novelties and the latest in global cuisine. Kuwait Culinary School in Kuwait will provide a supportive and creative community where fervent persons can submerge themselves in the culinary world. Here, at Kuwait Culinary School culinary students are able to work alongside caring, knowledgeable chef instructors and are trained the abilities essential to help follow a professional vocation in the culinary/hospitality business.

The Kuwait Culinary School program is seeking School status and will get on a considerable fundraising campaign in the future. After the creation of Kuwait Culinary School our efforts will start putting the emphasis on producing a facility that will involve a hotel and conference center. This conference center will be partners in helping to provide a functioning business living and learning laboratory. Kuwait Culinary School's long-term strategy starts by concentrating its exertions on the development and promotion of one-session, recreational cooking classes to take advantage of on the cultural trend of cooking enthusiasm.

Vision statement

We at Kuwait Culinary School envision an establishment of higher learning, specialized in scope, community-centered, dedicated to make culinary professionals with moveable skills sought-after in the ever changing hospitality business. The Kuwait Culinary School is designed to meet the career objectives of a diverse population comprehensive of youth, adult and professional beginners.

Mission statement

Kuwait Culinary School aspires to be recognized as giving the best conceivable Diploma and Associate of Applied Science Degree programs in cooking through: Rigorous hands-on training Low student / teacher ratio, and challenging students to learn a supreme in a smallest quantity of time. Also, the Kuwait Culinary School plans to provide international training from experienced chef-instructors. Serving each student in order for them to reach his/her complete expert prospective Preparing students in leadership and management positions applying its philosophy of quality, tradition and respect.

Visionary Leadership Statement

The leader for this program is to make sure to grow in the student the features of a professional cook. Every one of the students here in the program will learn how to conduct oneself in a confident, professional, and ethical style. The student will then show skill in the basic body of knowledge linked to culinary arts and its information.

Potential Stakeholders

Local public health departments, Superintendent of schools/school boards, school food service departments, Dieticians and nutritionists, Pediatric weight-loss programs, Coalitions with interest in childhood obesity, nutrition, or fitness, Academic institutions, Hospitals, Fitness facilities, and restaurant association, Identification of the industry and market.

Future goals

The goal of Kuwait Culinary School is to grow in the student the features of a professional chef. The student will learn how to lead oneself in a self-assured, professional and ethical way.

The student will develop:

Interpersonal skills so as to develop a working association with administration, co-workers, and guests

Gain practical and theoretical knowledge of cooking

Manual dexterity, speed, timing, and endurances through laboratory application

Establish skill in the simple body of knowledge for nutrition, hygiene, food manufacture, cost control, and managerial development

A networking arrangement with industry professionals and local chefs.

Abilities that permit the student to think disapprovingly and communicate thoughts in a concise and clear manner

A career portfolio to reach an entrance to mid-level specialized point in a food service process

A historical viewpoint of the food service industry to comprehend the basis of a chef supervisor position

A high degree of correctness in executing culinary mathematics difficulties.

Analysis of the External Environment

Main competitors in Kuwait & surrounding Nations

The Art Institute

Hospitality Management Program

Locations in Egypt,, Israel, Turkey, San Diego, San Francisco, Sunnyvale (CA), Seattle (WA), Phoenix, Tuscan (AZ)

Online courses and Extensive locations


Le Cordon Bleu- College of Culinary Arts

Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

Pros and Cons

Pros of online programs: Convenience and Complimentors

Cons of online programs: Expensive, Lack hands-on experience, less credited (in a lot of cases)

Competitor Analysis Components:

Kuwait Culinary School functions in three distinct lines of business and as a result has three corresponding parts of competition. The first part is considered to be the recreational cooking classes. The second part of rivalry is from caterers. The third part is from high-end foodstuffs and kitchen equipment retailers.

Recreational Cooking Classes

Kuwait Culinary School faces competition primarily from places like the Le Cordon Bleu- College of culinary arts. Le Cordon Bleu- college of culinary arts offers both recreational classes and an accredited professional program.


There are three area caterers that have been identified as operating in the same high-end category as Kuwait Culinary School. They are the University of Phoenix culinary Arts Program and Atlanta Culinary Arts School. Research into these potential competitors has resulted in encouraging conclusions. University of Phoenix culinary Arts Program and Atlanta Culinary Arts School no longer appear to be in business, and Seasoned to Taste is an indirect competitor not vying for the same catering space.

Atlanta Culinary Arts School is a successful caterer that emphases on large events, for instance weddings, only catering around eighteen to twenty events a year. Willfully, Kuwait Culinary School purposes to cater to much wider clients for small- to mid-sized measures.

High End Retailers

There at present are no storefront retailers of high-end foodstuffs and appliances in the country of Kuwait. In conclusion, Kuwait Culinary School stands to capitalize on a totally underserved market in Kuwait by proposing a mix of services and products that are able to meet the needs of the nearby community.

Value Chain Analysis

Inbound Logistics:

Buying of all raw materials such as mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sauce, base, potato, vegetables, wheat, baby corn, spices, and chicken for all of the classrooms during the cooking lessons.

Manufacturing Operations:

Also there is the preparing of pizza base. Customizing Pizzas at outlets

Outgoing shipping and Logistics:

Transporting materials needed for class to all other food outlets for education, Delivery of materials to those mainly in home delivery

Customer service:

Catering to the needs of the customers before and after the classes are finished at the school.


The marketing strategy will first seek to create customer awareness products and services offered by Kuwait Culinary School, will be able to develop a custom toward creating some kind of customer loyalty and referrals. Effective implementation of this strategy will create name recognition and raise the repeat traffic of new customers that are going to be turning into long-term customers thereby generating and upholding positive and steady growth every year.

Core Competencies

Demonstrate and identify the use of knife skills, hand tools and equipment operation, which in return emphasizes proper technique and safety"

Show how to read, prepare and follow and then prepare a standardized formula and identify various products"

Show a diversity of cooking methods for instance roasting, broiling, baking, gridding, grilling, frying, and sauteing, stewing, braising, poaching, and steaming"

"Create a diversity of yeast products, such as quick breads, tarts, pies, cookies, cakes, and icings"

Strengths of Company

The nature of the classes will be able to promote repeat business, if an individual meets somebody and they will want to continue to see them, then the classes will be able to provide the perfect chance and atmosphere to do so. Individuals are also heartened to request their friends to further improve the social atmosphere and endure to return to the classes. Staff salaries and wages are a big part of any industries costs, for the reason that we have a low staff to customer ratio this will permit our organization to be more moneymaking. To furthermore decrease costs, the, main fixings the clients cook with in each class will be comprised in the payment.


Kuwait Culinary School delivers an intangible service, to make up for this, we will be able to charge a higher fee in order to propose the high excellence of our service. Over time most of the clients could possibly discover the classes to be stale or maybe even the same, to alleviate this weakness we will remain in developing new classes which will all encourage the customers or students to still come back to the classes in addition to appeal clients that are new. As more customers have used our service we will obtain testimonials which will help to raise our marketplace share.

Business Level Strategy

One of the customers and business level strategies that Kuwait Culinary School will use is making the customer aware of the service. Kuwait Culinary School will schedule is marketing activities and budget to be able to fit it business cycle. A strong promotional and advertising campaign will be executed prior to…

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