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He eventually triumphs in this endeavor, making it possible for Giosue to be extremely happy and taking his thoughts away from the unwelcoming landscape they are presented with during their stay in the labor camps.

Ferruccio's response to Guido's question regarding the reason for which the former is able to go to sleep even with the fact the latter is trying to influence him is essential in understanding Guido's attitude in wanting to entertain Dora and Giosue. "I am what I want to be" stands as motivation for everything Guido covers as a means to get to his wife and son. This statement initially assists him in declaring his love for Dora and in taking her away from what seemed to be her inevitable fate. Later on in the movie, it is partly because of Schopenhauer that Guido has little difficulties in making his son believe that the Holocaust is nothing more than a game. To Guido's delight, Giosue is taught that he can be what he wants to be and gets through the Second World War without actually realizing the threat his ethnicity represents.

Working is terrible for Guido, before and during the war. Italy's economy is generally unwelcoming toward those wanting to get jobs, Guido and Ferruccio seeing this from the very first days they try to complete this mission. Work is less important for Guido when he comes across Dora, even with the fact that he has to work in order to sustain himself. The same thing happens while in the work camp-he is well aware that he will be killed if he doesn't work, but he is primarily devoted to posing into a happy father for Giosue.

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