The Link Between Organizational Effectiveness And Organization Structure Case Study

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Organizational Theory and Management: Effect of Organization Structure on Performance

From the onset, it would be prudent to note that various studies have been conducted in the past in an attempt to establish how the organizational structure of enterprises in the private sector affect the performance (specifically, business performance) of the said enterprises. In essence, there is also need to assess how the performance of entities in the public sector is affected by organization structure. This is particularly the case in the realm of public health. Alongi (2015), the author of a study titled A Case Study Examination of Structure and Function in a State Health Department Chronic Disease Unit, makes an observation to the effect that most of the literature available on this subject largely focuses on the functioning of public health departments in their efforts to have a positive impact on the health as well as wellbeing of the populations being served. For this reason, the relevance of establishing how the functioning of public health agencies is affected or impacted upon by changes in organizational structure cannot be overstated. This is especially important given that the effective functioning of the said agencies results in better health outcomes, with reference to the populations being served. Alongi (2015) specifically elected to focus on a state health departments chronic disease prevention and control unit. In so doing, she seeks to establish how the operational aspects of the said department are impacted upon by the way it is structured.

Although Alongi (2015) is categorical that her study design limits her ability to establish causality, she indicates that the chronic disease unit effectiveness was indeed influenced by some of the conceptual models elements. I was particularly intrigued by collaboration. Collaboration has in this context been defined as working internally and externally for the purpose of leveraging resources to maximize effectiveness and efficiency (Alongi, 2015, p. e16). The author points…These elements, according to Alongi (2015), are inclusive of physical proximity, leadership, as well as culture. The said elements could also be amplified by structure or further enhance structure effects. Although I have identified collaboration as one of the key factors which in my opinion did significantly smooth or ease effectiveness in the unit, Alongi (2015) indicates that there is need for additional research to be undertaken on this front. In the final analysis however, it would be prudent to note that the findings of the present study are instrumental in the sense that they provide crucial insights on the creation of organizational structures that could be deemed highly efficient in various state health agency settings, as well as in the private sector realm. To a large extent, the overall goal of state health agencies and departments happens to be the improvement of population health. An organizational structure that is highly efficient could come in handy in efforts to achieve…

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Alongi, J. (2015). A Case Study Examination of Structure and Function in a State Health Department Chronic Disease Unit. American Journal of Public Health, 105(S2), e15-e22.

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