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Low-performing readers are at risk for being "caught in a cycle of failure," (Collins, 2000, p. 1). It is therefore important to discover and implement a wide variety of interventions as early as possible, to address the needs of individual students in a strategic way. E-readers offer a promising method that can supplement a variety of instructional strategies and the tools used to deliver them. Yet in spite of the great promise e-readers offer to teachers and students, "the use of e-readers for academic reading remains understudied," (Thayer, et al. 2011). As a graduate student, I would like to investigate the efficacy of including e-readers into the instructional strategies used with low-performing readers.

Existing research does show that e-readers do offer low-performing readers and their instructors the opportunity to increase motivation as well as improve fluency levels. In fact, students with various types of reading and learning disabilities benefit when technology is used to "promote their literacy learning," (King-Sears, et al. 2011). Guiding research questions include how language retention and literacy fluency develops when e-readers are used either in conjunction with or instead of printed materials. I would also be interested in whether there are patterns among students who are given the choice of using e-readers...


Do some students prefer printed texts and respond to them better than to e-readers, and if so, why? During the course of the research, it will be critical to work with a number of different applications designed specifically for reading instruction.

Ideally, a wide variety of teaching methods and materials including e-readers will be used to help low-performing readers. For example, keeping content relevant to student interests helps stimulate motivation and improve comprehension and retention (Collins, 2000). The content embedded in e-readers, coupled with the reading-related games and software applications, will be critical in determining the progress of the student's reading performance. Are some e-readers more ergonomically suitable than others, and which applications prove more effective in teaching low performance readers? For example, King-Sears, et al. (2011) examine the TECH program.

Tutoring has also been shown to be an effective strategy for low performing readers, who benefit from an abundance of repetition designed with the express goals of passage comprehension, word recognition, and more rapid processing (Begeny & Martens, 2006). Given this, tutors could use e-readers in creative ways that help the learner practice independently as well as with the tutor. Ultimately the low performing reader aims for automaticity in reading (Begeny & Martens, 2006). Automaticity should improve over time when students…

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