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Jacking, male, stated, "We know the kick-ass ladies really exist, and they are increasing." Twisted Soul, like all interview subjects, mentioned the prevalence of females in the martial arts. All subjects did acknowledge that female action heroes are less common than male ones, but at the same time, both males and females could name at least one real-life active heroine.

The most avid viewer of Tarantino's Kill Bill was, in fact, a woman. Helena Yip, who studies martial arts, saw Kill Bill twice "for the sake of reviving it." She especially appreciated "the power, the female power...that strong female characters kick ass." Yip compared the Bride to Chyna, a real life professional wrestler who has not only won championships against other women but also against other men. "She became equal with the male a female I feel so gratifying," (sic). TKDavid, a male reflected Helena's values. Regarding the character Go-Go's violent behavior, TKDavid said, "as a man, I find it frightful, yet powerful." Twisted Soul, another female respondent, said regarding the Bride's violence, "I wish I had the power to be destructive and powerful, once in a while."

Males and females both felt that the Bride's vengeful actions were justified. Yip referred to the Bride's "power and fairness." She said, "If I were here, I would go crazy too and seek for a roaring rampage of revenge." All other respondents similarly expressed sympathy for the film's main character. All four noted
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that she was "justified" in avenging the loss of her child. Jacking stated, "If I were a woman...who lost her baby, I think I would be very sad and then went berserk," (sic). TKDavid placed the Bride's actions in a broader social context, stating that it "can also be interpreted as a way for a female hero to obtain justice when the society cannot provide her any." Twisted Soul, female, stated, "I suppose this rage is somehow the fuel of females who are good at martial arts."

Male and female respondents enjoyed all three main female characters in Kill Bill, the Bride, Oren Ishii, and Go-Go, not just the heroine. Their admiration of the Bride clearly demonstrated a hunger for stronger female role models. All respondents, male and female, critiqued the depiction of female action heroes. Yip said, "If both male and female heroes were put together in a film...the female one would be framed as slightly unusual and less capable." Jacking, male, noted that "many female action heroes are with large boobs and sexy legs." Twisted Soul similarly stated that female action heroes "have a tendency of wearing too little when compared to male heroes." TKDavid placed the physique of heroines into a broader social context by asserting, "I think female action heroes can't create an illusion of equality but re-establishes the existing inequality." Based on the results of these four interviews, male and female viewers of Kill Bill respond similarly to general and to female violence in film.

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