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The movie also draws attention to the significance of emphatic listening, from the begging the wife walks off on Dave when talking to her and through the movies it is noted that the mother does the communication for the daughter hence Mrs. Johnson is totally removed from the communication process and therefore lacks any empathy of what the husband feels. There is also the value of open communication and significance of confiding in each other as the married couple. Mr. And Mrs. Johnson never learnt to confide in each other and openly communicate with one another hence they confided in people outside their marriage like the desperate physiotherapist who took advantage of the fact that there was no one to take care of Dave and she would fit therein perfectly.

The movie also has a central focus on the value of God in any fruitful marriage. There is a constant reminder of the direction of God and the inability of the two to successfully steer their marriage the right way in the absence of the third cord which is God, and this is what finally salvages the marriage.

At a personal level, I had a practical experience of how much understanding the values of the other partner in a relationship are important for the stable continuation of the marriage. If at all Dave understood how much the wife valued the awards like salesperson of the year award and the job titles, he would be willing to aid her in her endeavors and parties in time so as to avoid conflicts. In the same manner id Mrs. Johnson understood how significant the coaching of the little kids in baseball was to him, the she would support him in that and there would be no regular arguments and misunderstandings. This challenged my initial thinking of the marriage coaching that it had fixed tenets and now I know marriage coaching must always adopt to the satiation presented and each marriage has a unique unifying or disuniting factor that has to be handled as is and not in comparison to another.

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