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4 Worlds would seem to be an ideal setting for couples or groups of friends rather than families. The restaurant will be in competition with:

The restaurant will be in competition with other, more established high-end restaurants in both London and other major cities. However, given that novelty is a very important part of the dining experience for those who are interested in a dining experience as opposed simply to eating, this should give 4 Worlds a distinct advantage.

The restaurant will also face competition from cultural institutions such as museums and galleries with their openings replete with interesting food, interesting conversations, interesting visuals.

The restaurant will also probably relatively soon face competition from knock-offs.

The relationship between the marketing mix for 4 Worlds and other aspects of the company's business model is heavily weighted towards the marketing division. This is not surprising given that a restaurant that needs to make a...


The high-end building materials and kitchen equipment, for example, could be flaunted through press releases, with their high cost being used as evidence of the quality of the restaurant rather than simply as an economic liability.
The ongoing costs of a restaurant are substantial. However, they will be mitigated in large measure for 4 Worlds because of its prix fixe menu, which will significantly limit food waste. The fact that the restaurant will not need to provide staff to take payments from diners will also be an important savings as well as an important part of its mystique. Still, the major challenge of the restaurant will be to provide the kind of innovative, high-quality meals that it is planning within the costs that it has established for its menu.

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