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It was this economical devastation that Mike Davis argued about the abused and manipulation of the British imperialists where let other countries suffered for their own benefit. They opened the "free trade" market and destroyed the China and India's sanctuary of foods. The British imperialist built different kinds of roads because of their goal to modernize so that they can become part of the developing country; they did not bother to listen to people's repulsion in modernizing. They destroyed some agricultural lands which is the source of their food. For this reason, when drought came, the British were saved but millions of people died because of starvation. Which of the three holds he most blame?

Mike Davis knew that the holocaust had three causes but then he pointed out that the main reason why millions of people died was the fact the British Imperialism brought about. They imposed free-trade and took advantage of the El Nino or the


He said that the root cause of the death of millions was because of they deprived the third world countries from food; they bought all of their crops and pay them in small amount and it should not be blamed with the nature. Actually, Davis said that there were enough food to feed everybody but then the Europeans stocked all their foods for themselves and for their countrymen.
Davis book presents not an argument but a fact that each and every one should know. We studied the glory and economic development of the European Empire during the late 19th century but then we missed to know the deeper side why this country progressed and why is that exactly the same time there were famine in other countries. The book is an eye-opener where Davis wrote all about the one affected by the raise of the European Empire.


Davis, Mike (2001) "Late Victorian Holocausts" Verso, New York.

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Davis, Mike (2001) "Late Victorian Holocausts" Verso, New York.

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