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movies ratings television shows ratings. Currently area number shows television portraying negative aspects race, class gender. For, show "Family Guy" a show played "primetime" materials show "kid-friendly.

Watching Toy Story is likely to influence many adults to believe that it would be wrong for them to allow their children to view the animated comedy. I believe that it is wrong for the Motion Picture Association of America film rating system to provide it with a G. rating, taking into account the violent scenes that the animation contains. Andy's next-door neighbor, Sid, is a horrible person and he is obsessed with mutilating toys. While it would be perfectly normal for children to occasionally break toys, an individual who wants to mutilate toys and who creates mutant toys consequent to doing so is actually deranged.

Providing children with the image of a deranged individual is probable to have a negative effect on them and to even leave them traumatized. While some might be inclined to believe that the animated comedy is actually harmless, the reality is that young children are vulnerable and that they are likely to get the wrong impression as a result of observing the character of Sid.

Parents are likely to understand that Sid is not the typical cheeky kid who simply wants to break things as a result of being spoiled. The fact that Sid employs presumably medical strategies to alter toys further contributes to emphasizing the fact that his mental state is unstable. It is certainly surprising that the Motion Picture Association failed to comprehend that it is wrong for young children to watch an animation displaying a child who obviously has serious mental issues and who is unhesitant about destroying toys that have anthropomorphic characteristics. Some children are probable to get the feeling that there would be nothing wrong with them employing behavior similar to Sid's, especially if they are unhappy with the situation they are in and want to rebel. This can have devastating consequences on their upbringing and on their personality as a whole.

While many 'classics' are currently provided with an appropriate rating as a result of society acknowledging that the elements they involve makes them potentially harmful for certain groups, it is intriguing to think about how they initially had a particularly inappropriate rating. A Nightmare on Elm Street is the perfect example of a film that was initially provided with an inappropriate rating. The film was rated PG13 when it initially came out in 1984 and this makes it possible to understand that individuals two decades ago had a different understanding of what should be considered acceptable and what should not.

The fact that the film's producers believed that children under 13 could watch the motion picture as long as their parents believed it was safe to do so demonstrates that society had a more permissive attitude toward ideas like violence and gore. Blood dominates most violent scenes and viewers are shown characters being savagely ripped apart by the central character, Freddy Krueger. The fact that Krueger proceeds to slash himself at the end of the film further contributes to the disturbed feelings the film puts across. This scene is downright masochistic and it is wrong for pre-teen children to be provided with such imagery.

3. Many individuals are inclined to express a more permissive attitude toward a film that is rated PG13 but should have been rated R. As long as they are good. The Bourne Identity is probable one of the best examples of such films, taking into account the numerous violent scenes in the film. All things considered, the motion picture is good and this is also reflected by the positive feedback it received consequent to its emergence. However, this does not mean that people should turn their attention away from the obvious in order to praise the director and the actors as a result of their ability to create a masterpiece.

Matt Damon's character is constantly involved in aggressive scenes and is unhesitant about employing some of the most violent fighting techniques in an attempt to undermine his adversaries. While this is surely impressive, it is difficult to ignore the fact that children might be negatively influenced as a result of such ideas.

The Motion Picture Association of America apparently fails to comprehend the effects that its actions have…

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references and profanity, but violence is practically absent and adolescents are shown in ways that are characteristic to teenagers in general.

This film has an inappropriate rating and it should have been provided with an R. rating or even with a PG-13 rating. By labeling it NC-17, the Motion Picture Association of America virtually fails to acknowledge that teenagers are capable of putting across behaviors that are not socially acceptable. The reality is that many teenagers are likely to identify with characters in the film and that the most activities shown are actually perfectly normal for teenagers.

The chart is meant to emphasize the rating that each film should be provided with when concerning particular aspects like violence, sexuality, and drug use:

2 stands for G -- general audience

4 stands for PG -- parental guidance suggested

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