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Negative Effects of Climate Change

The weather patterns are changing all over the world and it has become one of the most debated issues across the globe with environmentalists having their concerns pertaining to global warming and its adverse effects on the environment in general. It is important for us to note here that scientists at NASA are doing extensive research on this issue and it has been proposed that the climate change is predicted to have harmful effects in some regions of the world; meanwhile the changes in the weather patterns will also have some beneficial effects in some other parts of the world. However, the main focus of this paper will be on the harmful effects of climatic changes (Cox et al.).

Current and Future Consequences

The effects of global climate change on the environment of the world have already been observed by the scientists and environmentalists. Ice on lakes and rivers breaks up earlier than it is supposed, the glaciers have shrunk, animal as well as plant ranges have started to shift and the trees have started to flower sooner than their expected season. The negative effects of the changes in the climate had already been predicted by the scientists in the past and these effects includes stronger heat waves, accelerated and longer rise in sea levels as well as loss of sea ice in some parts of the world (Vitousek).

After conducting several studies and researches in this field, scientists have now claimed that they have high confidence that the temperatures all over the world will continue to rise for the coming few decades, mainly because of the greenhouse gases that are being produced as a result of the human activities. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the rise in temperature forecasted over the next century is 2.5 to 10 degrees of Fahrenheit. The aforementioned organization includes over 1,300 scientists from United States and many other countries (Randal Jackson).

The organization has also claimed that the degree of adverse effects of environmental change will vary from one region to another and over a different period of time. The adverse effects will be dependent on the various environmental and societal systems that are present in different regions to adapt or mitigate the changes.

It has been predicted by IPCC that the rise in mean temperature of the world of below 1.8 to 5.4 degrees of Fahrenheit, which makes 1 to 3 degrees Celsius, more than 1990 levels will result in beneficial impacts in some parts of the world and harmful ones in other regions. Over time, the net annual costs are also expected to increase with the increase in the global temperatures (Randal Jackson).

Considering the world in general, it has been stated by IPCC that the degree of published evidence pertaining to the net damage costs of changes in the global climate, it has been indicated that the likelihood of these costs to increase over time is quite significant. In this part of the paper, we…

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