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Performance reviews have become a mainstream practice, dictated by rote routine and ritual rather than on an earnest desire to improve performance, motivate employees, or make meaningful changes to the organizational culture (Culbert, ). Because of the spurious nature of performance reviews, there is a strong movement to change how reviews are conducted or even eliminate them altogether. There are several problems with performance reviews from a methodological standpoint. Some are criteria deficient: they fail to measure what really matters on the job. For example, a performance review can accurately tell the manager or supervisoror the employeethat they are a great team player when in fact their job really depends more on working solo. Some performance reviews are invalidated because they are the inappropriate tool altogether, designed for a totally different population or situation. In many cases, performance reviews themselves are not the problem, which is more related to how the performance reviews are issued or more importantly, how the results are interpreted and applied.

Many employees perceive performance reviews negatively because they do seem meaningless, and can even cause work-related stress, and lower employee moral and motivation (Yes, Everyone Really Does Hate Performance Reviews, 2010). Performance reviews can be intimidating, (Haun, 2011). Rather than measuring actual contributions, numbers, and metrics, some performance reviews are…accurately reflect their potential contributions to the company.

A performance review should be more comprehensive and allow for bilateral communication. Few performance reviews can accurately test for all job-related criteria in accurate and comprehensive ways. Likewise, few managers are emotionally and socially intelligent enough to overcome barriers to communication and understanding based on gender, race, class, and other diversity variables. If the goal of performance reviews is to single out the high performers from the simply mediocre, that might work, but when using performance reviews to stigmatize and label employees who simply need more feedback is a huge mistake. Changing the organizational culture is often a better approach to…

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