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philosophy that best reflects my opinion of adult education. Google "philosophy of adult education" and you will find essentially personal essays and thoughts about the philosophy of how and why adult education exists.

My personal philosophy of adult education is a result of my personal awareness of the essential purpose of education. From my view, education should be an empowering tool, which enables adults to attain their full potential and realize their objectives throughout their lives. In this example, education should offer adults the opportunity to augment their employment skills so that they can pursue the career they really want to succeed in life. I believe it is the goal of adult education to be able to identify the candidates of adult learners who can benefit from adult education and realize their dreams.

One of the main purposes of adult education is to enable adult learners to make the most of their full potential. Through education, adult learners should be able to reach their potential of being the best they can be, no matter what profession they choose, and regardless of their age. I believe that adults should never stop learning, or wanting to learn, and that it is the duty of adult education systems to foster this learning lifestyle in their students, and in their communities.

Many people believe philosophy is theological in nature, but…

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