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Professional Goal Statement

Enabling the less fortunate to attain their objectives often involves equipping them with greater medical, physiological and psychological support so they too also have an opportunity to attain their potential. Throughout my academic and healthcare career to this point, I have found the most challenging aspects of patient care and the continual development of care programs to be the most rewarding. My goal in pursuing graduate college admission is to challenge myself to grow to the next level of healthcare proficiency and mastery, so I can be equipped to help my patients attain their goals

Focusing On The Patient Brings Clarity and Purpose

It has been my experience that regardless how challenging and daunting a given situation or condition is, re-centering on the patient brings all other aspects of the treatment programs back into perspective. This is my motivation for pursuing graduate college admission to the University of Science. My career objective is to be prepared to manage increasingly complex patient care programs and initiatives, while at the same time applying the latest knowledge and techniques to better serving patients

Relying on my pharmaceutical and health care management program education as a foundation, I hope to attain a greater level of mastery in these areas, combined with a greater knowledge base into how to align my existing skills and strengths to the needs of patients over time. By attaining a graduate degree from the University of Science, it is my intention to continually pursue pharmaceutical and health care management out of professional and personal interest as well.…

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