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The resume is an important part of any job application. To help you create the perfect resume, our resume outline template is available.  This template shows what you should put on your resume, and why.  A resume is simply a depiction of what has been important in your formation as a person and as a professional.  It is what recruiters look to for information about you, and it helps them to see if you will be the right person for the job.

The resume is really where you get your foot in the door—it is not going to be what gets you the job in the end.  Therefore, the focus of the resume should really be on experience, education and skills—the three most important things that will stand out to any recruiter or hirer looking for a candidate to fill a position.  Experience will matter most because it will indicate whether you have any background in the field or not.  Education will show the extent to which you have been trained in the field.  Skills what show what you have picked up or developed along the way.

Every resume will be different, which is why using a simple resume outline can help.  It follows a simple structure, giving you the applicant a path to follow when figuring out how to apply your background to the task at hand.  Follow this template and you’ll have no problems organizing your thoughts, experiences, and skills that you want to highlight to get the recruiter’s attention. 

Let’s take a look at how one should be written.

Resume Outline Template


I. Name

a. Contact Information

b. Phone Number, Email, Address

II. Purpose of Resume

a. Objective Statement

b. Position Applying for

III. Experience

a. Related Job Experience

i. Most Recent title/position held

ii. Company name

iii. Where and from when

iv. Brief description of the work performed

b. Related Job Experience

i. Next most recent title/position held

ii. Company name

iii. Where and from when

iv. Brief description of the work performed

c. Related or Unrelated Job Experience

i. Include anything INTERESTING that might make you stand out

ii. Even if it is unrelated, the key is that it says something about YOU

IV. Education

a. School

b. Years

c. Degree Obtained

d. Major, and any Awards

V. Skills

a. Hard skills—competencies gained through training, education or experience

b. Soft skills—personality or character traits developed over the course of one’s life

Resume Outline Example


Bob Stevens

(999) 555-1223

[email protected]

123 Carlotta Rd. Porksburg, PA

Applying for the position of Head Mentor, New Hires Department with the objective to bring support, stability and consistency to the organization.



• 2009-2020

• Keller-Williams

• Top-selling Realtor in the firm for 7 out of 11 years.


• 2018-2020

• Big Dogs Grooming

• Oversaw the training and instruction of new hires

Church Catechism Instructor

• 2015-2020

• City Oratory

• Provided education and guidance for new church members of all ages





Cum laude


• Fluent in English, Spanish, and Cantonese

• Data analytics; Six Sigma

• Marketing skills; write SEO content using current hot keywords; social media usage for content formatting; email marketing, conversion rate optimization; machine learning

Management skills; servant leadership style, transformational leadership style, transactional leadership and democratic leadership styles

• Sales; closed on a record 42 houses in one month in 2006, setting a bar that has never been broken in the company

• Curiosity for new information; always reading, asking questions, talking to others about their experiences and seeking out new data so as to make effective decisions

• Persuasive; I possess passion, conviction and vision—and I use all three to persuade and motivate people when necessary

• Encourage creativity; I inspire others to unleash their own creative energy so that they can see in their own mind all the potential they have stored up inside themselves and all the great things they can do

• Multitasking; I balance numerous tasks and objectives throughout the day without difficulty, strain or stress; I enjoy having a variety of activities going at once

• Highly adaptive; being a leader and an effective salesman depends upon my ability to adapt to any situation or environment and make things work on the fly


Writing a resume doesn’t have to be difficult, but many people find it almost impossible to do.  Our resume outline template will help you to keep from getting overwhelmed by the process.  We take out the hard work of thinking about what you should and should not include in your resume.  Follow our simple formula and use the outline above.  It will make sure the most important qualities and characteristics of life, experience, personality, and education stand out.

Don’t be shy about mixing it up.  Your resume is a reflection of you, so use that reflection to get your foot in the door.  Just remember:  once your resume is accepted and the recruiter starts calling, you’ll have to go into more details about your experience.  That’s where you will really be able to give more information.  The resume should be bare bones:  try to keep it to just a single page.  That way, the recruiter or hirer is intrigued enough to call.  Giving just the right amount of information to get…

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