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Wallace-Wells, B., & Magnuson, E. 2007. "How America Lost the War on Drugs." Rolling Stone (1041): 90-119. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database. Stohr, M. (2008) Women and the Law. Walsh, A. And Hemmonds, C. (Eds.) Law, Justice, and Society. A Sociological Introduction (269-291). Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press.

On the surface the subjects of these readings are very different. Wallace-Well and Magnuson provide a detailed history and account of United States policy towards the enforcement of drug control policy. The reading in Law, Justice, and Society gave a brief summary of women's rights and representation in American law. Both subjects are highly contentious and highly important, and but most importantly, both mention the legal discrimination against marginalized groups. The Rolling Stone article discusses, among other subjects, the disproportionate negative effect the war on drugs had an against minority communities. The reading from Law, Justice, and Society gave an account of the law's disproportionate...


Wallace-wells and Magnuson discuss two tangential failures: the failure of the militaristic fight against drug production overseas, and the failure to prevent people from trying drugs in the United States. Both efforts, in the view of the authors, are highly misguided. The efforts to stop drugs at the source of production ultimately fail because drug cultivators and traffickers simply find new and innovative ways to fill a demand that already exists. Anti-drug "prevention" efforts in the United States are highly flawed because they heavily rely on the theory of the "gateway drug," which has already been discounted, and they also rely heavily on advertising which (as anyone under 30 can probably tell you) is cheesy and not taken seriously by those whom it is intended to impact. The efforts that have…

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