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Step-Wise Approach for Asthma Treatment

· Long term asthma control medication

· Quick-relief treatment options

· Impacts of these drugs on asthma patient

The long-term control medications for asthma control include inhaled corticosteroids for keeping it under control (Mayo Clinic, 2019). Other long-term control medicines used are immunomodulators, leukotriene modifiers, and long-acting beta-agonists (Asthma Initiative of Michigan, n.a.). The quick-relief treatment includes fast-acting inhalers like albuterol, also recognized as rescue inhalers. They are not a long-term remedy for treating asthma since if they are taken every time for controlling asthma, then the disease is not effectively in control.

The impact of corticosteroids is that it helps block the allergens that cause a shortage of breath and support in reducing sensitivity produced from the air (Asthma Initiative of Michigan, n.a.). It can remain adhesive for activation of proteins so that inflammation could be decreased and activation of cellular levels could be amplified. The side effects involve changes in voice, consistent coughing, and oral hoarseness. Other side effects have been observed, though they have not been corroborated with enough studies, such as osteoporosis and suppression in growth, particularly growth suspension in children, etc.

Leukotriene modifiers' impact is seen on moderate but persistent asthma if mixed with inhaled corticosteroids (Asthma Initiative of Michigan, n.a.). Several studies have not yet verified its greater impact as an alternate therapy. Still, it has provides instances where it is effective for improving pulmonary functions and giving quick relief. If not taken on proper timings, which is one hour before and two hours after the meals as they are available in the form of tablets, serious ramifications would be observed for the asthma patient.

Long-acting beta-agonists is an effective medication for long term relief when night time symptoms appear. Smooth relaxation of bronchial muscles is experienced with these medications' help, and the functional levels of cellular enzymes are improved. Based on possible side-effects, they are assumed to be better than other long-term medications. They are also taken in the form of tablets but cannot be used to treat acute symptoms.

· Approach for reducing asthma with impairment and risk reduction

· Impairment includes reduction of chronic and worrying symptoms

· Reduction of risk involves less hospitalization and minimizing emergency department (ED) visits

The purpose of asthma treatment ought to be to use the least medications and maximize its control otherwise (National Asthma Education and Prevention Program, 2007). The medicines' adverse effects are to be reduced with two domain approaches, impairment, and risk. The approach for reducing impairment includes preventing chronic and worrying symptoms like coughing, shortage of breath, restlessness during the night, etc. It involves maintaining the normal functioning of pulmonary breathing. The normal levels could be sustained through breathing exercises and physical activities daily. Meeting with asthma patients regularly would motivate them to take personal care of themselves…gain control by the healthcare providers, including both expert doctors and nurse practitioners. It provides best practices with each step and the relevant patient education that the people with asthma should monitor the disease. The healthcare providers can observe whether the asthma goals on a weekly and monthly basis are achieved. The periodic assessment provides an insight into the medical condition of the patients so that the healthcare providers should reduce or increase the medication dosages, as mentioned in the step-wise approach. The impairment and risk domains are evaluated with the patient's history of the disease or any possible manifestation within the family so that the healthcare professionals could prescribe the control therapies. The doctors suggest therapeutic interventions at the appropriate stage of the step-wise guidelines. The nurse interventions are also recommended for older patients so that if they forget to take their medications on time, the nurses at home are hired for taking proper daily care. Even if nurse care is not used at home, the older patients could remain in contact with nurses with the help of telephones and other related technologies (Raju et al., 2012). It must teach accurate training for the older population, though, since, in modern times, e-health can provide prompt control of asthma. Innovative technology can provide population-specific care to the patients by the healthcare providers as they can remain in constant contact with the patients and give prompt advice when their health condition worsens. Technology can…

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