Violent Acts Of Terror By Islamic State Essay


Territorial Violence and Control


According to the ACLED (2023) data, the locations of violent acts correspond only for a time to the areas historically controlled by ISIS, particularly during the peak of their territorial influence. This is also consistent with what the Wilson Center (2019) points out. This alignment is not unexpected, as the fight for control of territory by such groups comes with increased violence and conflict within those regions. The data reflects a concentration of violent acts in areas where ISIS wanted control, such as parts of Iraq and Syria, including key cities like Mosul and Raqqa. However, ISIS eventually was pushed back and the nexus of violence seems to have shifted as result (ACLED, 2023; Wilson Center, 2019).


The absence of areas of control maps for ISIS since 2019 could signal a significant reduction in the group's ability to hold and govern territory. This change is indicative of ISIS's transition from a quasi-state actor controlling vast lands to a more traditional insurgency, carrying out guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks without holding fixed positions (Wilson Center, 2019). It might also indicate strategic shift in ISIS's operations, focusing less on territorial governance and more on...…control, it is likely to be over smaller, non-contiguous areas that are strategically valuable for their operations, such as border regions or areas with difficult terrain that can serve as hideouts. These areas might host sleeper cells or be used as staging grounds for attacks, but they would not constitute control in the conventional sense that was seen at the height of ISIS's power.

In conclusion, ISIS's territorial control has diminished, but the group's ideological influence and capacity for violence persist, albeit in a different form than during the peak of its power. The shift from territorial governance to insurgency reflects the…

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