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This vision will use the strategies and abilities of every department within the company as it grows. Each person who works for SDI will be expected to understand and agree with the philosophies and visions of the company.

The vision for success for SDI promotes planning, organization and clear conscious decision making as the company moves forward for the next few years.


The mission statement of any company speaks directly to the products and services that the company will provide to its consumers. A mission statement does not review the vision of the company but when held against it the mission statement must be clearly in agreement with the vision statement.

The mission statement for the Solar Feeder (SDI) Is as follows:

Our mission statement is to provide our customers with a bird feeder that prevents squirrels and other animals from removing the feed so that birds can get to it without being attacked. Our mission is also to do this by designing and building products that are environmentally friendly and educational to squirrels through the use of materials that discourage their interference with the bird feeder's purpose. It is the mission of SDI top produce products that can be afforded and enjoyed by all income brackets. We understand it can become expensive to continue to fill bird feeders only to have squirrels empty them before the birds can enjoy the food. We know that people on budgets as well as people who are financially comfortable all enjoy bird watching and our mission is to provide each of those consumers with a product they can afford and count on to keep squirrels away. Our mission also calls for the production and design of products that are esthetically pleasing to the environment.

Our mission also includes the insistence that as with our current products, all future products will not cause harm to the squirrels or any other animal that they seek to dissuade from frequenting the product. Instead they will train those animals to stay away using methods that cannot harm them.

Our final mission is to provide the best customer service in the industry so that when consumers call in to the toll free number with questions and need advice we will have it staffed with experienced and friendly customer service representatives who will…

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