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I think the most relevant area in a Code of Ethics today is that regarding respect for persons and not engaging in harassment. Since the #MeToo Movement began, a lot of focus has been on making sure people are not abusing their positions to harass others. People should be able to go to work without having to worry about that sort of thing, and yet it still happens. So I would say that is where the most important principle is to be found today.


Safety in the workplace is crucial. Long ago workplaces were very unsafe because there were no regulations in place. Today, workplaces are overseen by OSHA and must keep up with industry standards. And yet as you point out workplaces are unsafe in other wayssuch as in social ways, where harassment gets a free pass it seems. This is largely a cultural area that needs to be addressed. Perhaps a new federal agency will emerge that will focus on this the way OSHA focuses on workplace safety issues.


Professionalism is certainly an important aspect of a Code of Ethics, especially for leaders. Companies like Enron and Tesla have come under fire or collapsed completely because of a lack of professional conduct on the part of the heads of the businesses. Enron is…at the kiosk quickly and efficiently. Enterprise computing is helpful in an IT sense in that it gives workers in an organization all the computing tools they need to share, store, retrieve, and use data. Natural language processing is helpful because it allows people to interact with computers simply by speaking to them. Robotics is a helpful subfield because it makes processes easierfrom assembly lines to package sorting in warehouses like at Amazon. Virtual reality is helpful because it can be used in training (as in aviation classes) and really in any walk of life. It can also be used for recreational purposes, which is how I would use…

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