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As evident in this course, the Bible introduces us to several women whose lives provide important lessons as God uses them to reveal certain truths. Some of the women studied in this class include Eve/Original Sin, Sarah, Sarah & Hagar, Rebecca, Leah & Rachel, Ruth & Naomi, Bathsheba, Tamar, Esther & Song of Songs, Delilah & Jezebel, Deborah & Jael, and Rahab & Daughters. Each of these women provides valuable lessons that can be imitated as God took them through different experiences throughout their lives. Generally, women in the Bible provide as many valuable lessons as men.

One of the valuable lessons from women of the Bible studied in this class is the need to trust in God. Trusting in God is a basic fundamental principle of the Christian faith. The need to trust in God is an important lesson from the life of Sarah who gave the most human reaction when she was promised a son in her old age. As evident in Sarah’s case, believing and trusting in God is not always easy, especially when situations are very difficult. However, we need to always trust in God because there is nothing too difficult for him. We should not doubt the goodness of God by focusing only on what we see or know with our eyes as shown in Eve/Original Sin case. When we don’t trust in God, we end up creating and following our own plans, which do not work out. Our plans can sometimes be a cause of problems that are passed down to other generations. For example, Sarah did not trust…

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…women need (Hertzenberg par, 4).

The other valuable lesson drawn from women discussed in the class is that corruption, anger, and vengeance can be a source of pain and death. Delilah and Jezebel used corruption and anger to instill pain and even cause the death of others. While the fate of Delilah is unknown, Jezebel’s actions ended up causing her a painful death in which she was thrown from a window and most of her body devoured by dogs.

As shown in the case of Deborah & Jael, some of the women in the Bible teaches us the importance of acting on opportunities that God brings our way. Jael took advantage of the God-given opportunity and used available resources (Martin par, 10). Rahab also demonstrates the significance of taking advantage of God’s opportunity…

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