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The Aunt does enter the room and ramble on about the fact that the window (French door) is open for the return of the three figures that the niece has just explained to be dead in a tragic accident of the weather and Nuttel does not guess that the aunt is simply and obviously really waiting for her husband and two young brothers to return from a hunting jaunt they had left for only that day.

The skill of Saki to utilize subtle foreshadowing is also evident as the niece reasonably develops the scenario of a fictitious tragedy, the death of the three men (and the dog) exactly a year before, which coincides to a year after the man's sister had been in residence nearby. The niece begins by ascertaining that Nuttel knows nothing of the people or place and that he would be easy to fool, foreshadowing that she is playing a trick on him. She then determines that the "tragic...? events took place after the sister left and proceeds to describe exactly how the three figures and the dog looked when they left just that morning, with the supposition that they would return looking just the same.


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