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Multicultural Literature

They say that east or west home is best am sure everyone can attest to this statement. However circumstances force us to move from our own native land so as to seek some sort of "better life" in a new and strange land. This can pose as a great challenge to the person when it comes to settling in the new strange land. There are however various situations that have been seen where a person easily fits into the new setting ease. This is attributed to the fact that the person possesses some various personal strengths that will enable the person to easily fit and therefore do well both socially and economically.

All these three to be discussed characters have their own strengths that will enable them to survive and do well in the new social setting.

The first character is good at Overcoming a challenges. Being in a new land that he is not familiar with appears to be very challenging. Some of the challenging things can be such as the fact that he is in a land that the people speak different a language than his original language. This means it is challenging for him to make any meaningful conversation with the people in case he needs something or even general enquiry. Another challenging aspect is the fact that he is in a land where the people are not of the same race as him. This means that there are chances that he might face racial discrimination during his stay in the new land. Another challenge in the new land is accommodation, this is very rare to find and it is a great challenge to secure a descent accommodation where one can stay comfortably unless one knows the intrigues and complexities of the area. Employment is another challenge that he will face since it is very difficult for him to secure any form of employment. Coupled with the fact that he is a foreigner then it becomes more and more challenging. If he does not find himself any employment it means that it will be more challenging in the new land since he will lack means of survival and therefore become very difficult to sustain his basic needs in the new land (Demand Media, Inc., 2013).

However this character has the strength of overcoming challenges and therefore he will easily overcome the challenges that come his way in the new land. He is very good at adopting new things this means that he is talented at adaptability. He is easy going and can make several friends within a hostile environment. He takes things as they come and therefore it will be very easy for him to adapt in the new land and it will be very easy for him to learn the language that is spoken by the people in the new land. Therefore he will easily embrace the language spoken there with great interest and it will be therefore very easy for him to learn the language. Within a short period he was able to learn the main language of the people spoken by the people in the new land. With this it means that he easily overcomes the challenge of language and hence communication with the people is no longer a challenge. When it comes to overcoming racial discrimination he is consistent which means that he treats everyone with consistency hence avoids conflicts that might be race related hence gives no one room or chance to racially discriminate against him. He will have successfully overcome the challenge of racial discrimination and will be able to live with the people in the new land at peace with no conflicts. When it comes to the issue of accommodation his adaptability nature comes into play this means that he will be able to live right about anywhere that comes. He will adapt with ease in the place where he first finds accommodation without regarding the conditions that are presented in the area. This means that he will grab any opportunity that comes his way when it comes to accommodation coupled with his ability to easily mingle with others. Employment opportunities are scarce and therefore his strong communication capability will enable him expresses himself well in interviews that will give him a better chance on the opportunity. Being an achiever he has a great deal of stamina meaning that he will work very hard with everything in his power to ensure that he gets a chance of employment at any chance that has been presented to him. Being very competitive in nature it means that he will do everything possible to ensure that he gets employed with the limited employment opportunities that are there and yet people fighting to get the spot are many. Being a self-assurer it means that he is talented at feeling confident in any situation meaning that at instances where it seems challenging to get a job he will remain positive all the time. The confidence itself can be enough for him to successfully secure employment in the new land. His personal themes that he holds at heart are the ones that enable him to successfully overcome the various challenges that are presented to him. (Demand Media, Inc. 2013).

The second character is very good at making new friends. Friends are very important in life because they help each other in times of need as well as sharing both good and bad times. Friends are therefore very important especially when someone is new in an area. Friends are the ones who will guide you when you are there in the new land. They will tell you what is expected of you when you are in that area; what you are supposed to do and what you are not supposed to do in terms of the expectations of the people in the area. This means that with someone to call a friend one will not go wrong in any way and will do everything that is expected of them and does it well. Therefore this second character is very good at making new friends first because he is talented in communication he easily finds a way of putting what he thinks into words and therefore this is very easy when it comes to making friends. He is good at striking conversations meaning that when he talks to someone for the first time the person will definitely like them and ensures that they remain friends since he is very interesting. His talent in persuasion means that he loves the challenge of meeting new people and eventually winning them over (The Gallup Organization, 2000). He therefore gets the satisfaction from breaking the ice and establishing connections with people meaning that he can make friends easily. His consistent nature plays a part when it comes to making friends since he is keen on treating people the same therefore if one becomes his friend will not be treated in a way that is not fair. The fact that he is also a relater also makes him make friends and keep them. This is because he enjoys close relationship with others, he is also satisfied when he works with friends so as to achieve a goal and no one can possibly fail to want to be friends with such a person. Therefore with many friends it will be very easy for the second character to fit in the new land with great ease (, 2013).

The third character is very good at starting businesses. When one is new in a land it can be very difficult for them to get any form of descent employment. This means that their life will be difficult if they cannot get any means of livelihood. Therefore if someone has capital they can take the…[continue]

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