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While Gatsby is foreign to his class and thus he must put on a show to fit in, being foreign in America can also be difficult, but it also one of the places that I feel most at home because this is a place created by immigrants and the idea that everyone is welcome to come here and pursue their dreams. America is the land of hope.

Gatsby tries so hard to fit in and he is able to create this aura and mystique about him, so much so that Nick Caraway, the narrator, becomes immensely curious about the great Jay Gatsby. Unlike Gatsby, I don't intend to make my living through criminal activity nor am I dishonest, but Gatsby was, at one time, a simple man. So, what I see in Gatsby is a deep sense of not being good enough. He became set on being wealthy, changed his name and turned to immoral acts. However, Gatsby is incredibly optimistic, which is what is so alluring to most everyone he meets. Gatsby's life and death are so tragic because, I believe, he was driven by Daisy and the prospect of having her love again. It was because of love that he changed who he was; it did not come out of greed like, perhaps, a lot of people believe. He is very simple in heart because of this fact and Nick gets it right when he says Gatsby is, "better than the whole damn bunch put together." He is a simple man in a world of phonies.

I am pursuing an MBA at this time because my goal is to become an investment banker. When I first came to the United States a few years ago, I tried to get a job in a bank to gain some experience and, though I had a high-quality educational background, I faced Visa hurdles, as many foreign citizens do, and banks especially seem very hesitant to employ individuals who will require sponsorship for their work Visas. This was disappointing for me, but I gained employment at Sprint and, while this is not a professional company or experience per se, or the industry in which I would like to work, it has been fine for a while. I do feel, right now, that I am at a different stage in life and I would like to go on and pursue my "American Dream" at this time. In order to do that, I need to have an MBA, which is why I am applying to the Jones School at this time.

As mentioned, I would like to become an investment banker and I have always been intrigued by and interested in financial analysis. I know that personal skills are very important as an investment banker and I feel that I have a unique set of personal skills that will benefit me in my chosen profession. Investment bankers are vital to America's and the global economy as they manage mergers of huge corporations and deal with the privatization of government assets worldwide.

Another reason I would like to pursue investment banking is because I enjoy traveling and, having traveled extensively throughout Europe, I know that I have the ability to deal with all different sorts of people around the world. I enjoy working and I would enjoy the long hours as I am a very hard-worker. This is the job that I have dreamed of for a long time and I am so excited to be taking the steps to follow my dreams.

The Jones School feels like a perfect fit for me as I am interested in a low student-to-faculty ratio, which Jones offers, and "The Economist" has ranked the Jones School as the first in Texas and the Southwest. The accolades of the school abound and I would be thrilled to be a part of such an illustrious academic institution. I thank you for your time and consideration of my…

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