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Part : Analysis of Output Problem, Integration with Course Content

1. Definition of concepts or theories used to analyze the output problem

i. Goal-setting theory motivation concept

The goal-setting theory was put forward by Edwin Locke in the 1960s and it states that goal setting in a fundamental part of task performance (Lazaroiu, 2015). The theory holds that challenging and specific goals, as well as the right feedback, have a contributory role for better and higher performance of tasks. In other words, the establishment of goals is vital for it provides direction to employees on what has to be done and the efforts that should be invested towards the realization of the goal. Based on this theory, it is required that goals should be set out clearly for any task for they provide direction, the drive, and actually, the impetus required for the successful execution of the task. The important features of the goal-setting theory are;

Establishing goals provides the job with the motivation and the willingness to work

Goals should be clear and specific as such, even if they are challenging, they are better motivators for output and better performance than simple, general, and vague goals.

The goals set out should be challenging and realistic as this gives employees a feeling of pride and attainment when they have achieved them.

Positive and constructive feedback is vital as it directs employees to strive towards better and higher performance than if feedback was missing.

ii. Group decision-making model communication concept

Group decision-making model has a contributory role towards improved and increased communication between employees. The model has various forms including the use of a more formal decision-making process that involves employees affected by the problem. The process involves open communication between the parties involved thus setting a standard for open communication within the organization. According to Power, Sharda & Burstein (2015), group decision-making and its implementation within an organization help to confer agency, where agency, in this case, is the ability of individual employees to make free choice decisions because…and poor communication are complimentary with regard to the output problems facing the club. The lack of open communication leads to a lack of motivation for employees. Employees feel they have not had adequate training, and in turn, do not know what is expected of them. On the other hand, management seems to focus on other aspects of the restaurant, such as delegating duties, as opposed to proper training. The disconnection between management goals and employee motivation is negatively impacting employee retention as well as employee performance.

As a result, to address these problems, the management should improve on communication and the group decision-making model provides a solution (Berson et al., 2015). The implementation of this model would require the inclusion of some of the employees e.g. the head chef and the sous chef into the decision making organ of the club. This way, they would breach the miscommunication gap thus explain the real problems facing the club from the viewpoint of the employees which is suggested to be…

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