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President and Political Parties

(Barack Obama)

Ironically, the New Deal reforms started with the intention of liberating the executive from the chains of partisan politics that only served the opposite purpose by weakening an already poor relationship that consequently isolated presidents from their earlier institutional support derived from their political parties (Milikis n.d.). Milikis Provides a unique portrayal on aspects of the American government and gives fresh insights into the failing trends of the party system and the process that once created a stronger and more active state at the national level. However, the same was lacking in the representation of important institutions that have the potential of choice and common deliberation. He warns as he places the matter in contemporary perspective that this is a nation in the middle of a struggle to repair its waning links between the government and the people (Milikis n.d.).

President Barrack Obama

Powerful presidency seen in the 20th and 21st century is perceived by political pundits as a threat to the growth of political parties. However, in the past quarter of...


They have based their hope for support in political parties. This has been true for both the electorate and the congress. They have sought more partisan control on the executive wing and have been noted for utilizing the media a lot to marshal their base more than seeking to reach out to swing voters. Although President Barrack has claimed post partnership stance in his leadership, he still remains a statistic of the developments of the last quarter of the century. He has not had much support from the republican supporters at the ballot, on Capitol Hill or even in opinion polls. His leadership and legislative agenda can be seen as a strongly democratic party orientation. Indeed, the conservative partisan press gets lots of impetus in Obama's leadership times. The president, on the other hand, is seen to woo the liberal counterparts of the press (Skinner n.d.).

As a custom, political pundits have largely viewed the powerful presidency of the 20th and 21st centuries as a great threat to strong political parties. With the help of objective media, the president is able to convince and appeal directly to the voters. This is a way of circumventing the heads of political parties. He thus seeks a non-partisan support from this strategy. The…

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