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All liturgical methods have something to offer. What works best in one situation may not work as well in another, which is why multiple methods are meaningful. Hughes outlines several different approaches to liturgy, including the historical method, the comparative method, the philological methods, juridical method, dogmatic method, and the liturgical-theological methods. I am roughly familiar with all of these methods but would like to spend a little more time getting to know the philological method. The philological method does not receive as much attention as it should in churches, mainly because it seems scholastic in tone. However, many members of the congregation would benefit and respond from hearing the types of lexical analyses that the philological method offers. Congregation members may also tire of the same methods used to explain the sacraments, whereas the philological method offers the opportunity for enhanced understanding of the meaning and spiritual function of specific sacraments or other elements of Christian liturgy.

Philological methods are linguistic. They focus on liturgical language, and as such have inspired poets and mystics, (Hughes, p. 4). An examination of religious scholars and mystics, as well as Christian poets, helps to illuminate the nuances of language used to describe spiritual experiences. Because spiritual experiences are often directly felt…perceived and psychologically processed by Christians. Likewise, the philological method helps deepen knowledge of the role of pastor or priest in delivering the sacraments. When illuminating the function of the sacraments to a contemporary audience, it does become crucial to focus on the language one uses. The philological method is by its definition a method that picks apart the language used to explain the sacraments, both in scripture and in post-scripture Christian literature. The same idea can be expressed in almost infinite ways, and yet still retain the same kernel of inner truththat kernel is what makes the sacraments come alive and remain meaningful throughout the…

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Hughes, K. (1999). Saying Amen. Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications.

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