Global Warming Has Been Portrayed As A Essay


Global warming has been portrayed as a very complicated issue that continues to bites the heads of many leaders in the current times. The writer of the article has significantly persuaded the readers on how serious the issue of global warming has become, what causes it and how it has been dealt with by various countries and organizations worldwide. The writer uses various devices to convince the reader on the causes of global warming for instance the writer says "Warnings from the scientific community are becoming louder," here the writer emphasizes that it is a great concern on the increase in gases that cause global warming. The writer further shows how there has been a sharp rise in global warming due to global emissions and there is no better way to express this rise but through the use of the statement like use of words "jumping of global emissions by three percent in 2011 and a further jump looms in 2012 of about 2.6%." The writer shows clearly that while developed countries are working towards the reduction of global emissions, developing countries are struggling with this and there is a sharp disparity between developed and developing countries when it comes to effort to reduce emissions. This he has clearly portrayed by use of rhetorical device in the statement, "But the decline of emissions in the developed countries is more than matched by continued growth in developing countries like China and India." The writer also implies that there have been little or no efforts by many nations to combat global warming and he uses rhetorical device in the statement "Yet nations around the world, despite a formal treaty pledging to limit warming -- and 20 years of negotiations aimed at putting it into effect --...


The writer largely employs use of rhetoric devices, deductive and inductive reasoning in the statements that he writes. All this are coupled by facts on research that have been conducted and he clearly puts the figures down for readers to see and get convinced when they read the article and get persuaded on just how serious the issue of global warming is and the causes as well as the eventual effects if it is not solved. This article is not an argumentative one since there are no arguments raised on the issue rather only forms of persuasions by the writer so that readers can be convinced that global warming is a serious problem.
There is validity in the article since the writer bases the article on facts and actual figures that have been researched and documented in reliable sources. The writer is very precise in what he is writing on since the figures are actual, for instance when he writes that global emissions are expected to jump by 3% in 2011 and 2.6% in 2012, and also when he stated that there have been records of 34,008 new daily high records set at weather stations as compared to…

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