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Greek Concept to Movie Troy

Ancient mythology as never ceased to amaze and fascinate its readers and followers. Especially Egyptian and Greek mythology, having followers everywhere; in the current times it has found a new fan, that is the movie making business, with a special interest in Greek mythology. Nothing is better than watching your favorite characters brought up to life and actually see them doing all the things we had previously only imagined them doing. One such captivating movie is 'troy' based on the Greek Trojan war starring Brad Pitt. Various Greek concepts were shed light in this movie, which will be discussed, in relation to the movie.

The first concept is Fate, since in Greek mythology fate does not just happen. The gods make things happen, in their own engineered ways, and interfere to make things happen on their own account. Then there is MOIRA, which means that everyone has its own pattern in life and no one not even the gods can interfere in that. So when Paris fell in love with Helen, and decided to run away; angering everyone, the Gods and her husband Menelaus. They didn't let anyone come in their way, this was what they decided there fate to be. Hence a merciless war began, when Menelaus called his brother for aid.

The second is the act of HUBRIS, which means un-necessary pride. This in the past has always been tragic for
underline!important;' target='_blank' href='' rel="follow">heroes on their mission. So was the case in the movie, when Menelaus reminded the Greek council of their promise to protect Helen, they all agreed and choose Agamemnon to lead the battle. But his pride got the best of him as he insulted the goddess Artemis, by boasting that was more powerful than her and killed a sacred stage. As a punishment Artemis made the winds die down and so the Greek fleet could not sail.

The third concept is, NEMISIS, this means that if you're guilty of hubris, the Greek gods will punish you by nemesis. When Agamemnon was punished by the goddess Artemis for flaunting his pride, Artemis made the winds stop and the fleet couldn't sail. And the only way he could earn retribution, was that he had to sacrifice his daughter. He did so without any remorse by tricking her to be brought to him in the name of getting married to Achilles. Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter then, this did please Artemis and the winds started blowing again and helped them reach their destination.

Next is SOPHROSYNE. SOPHROSYNE is the goddess of moderation and self-control. This is the teachings of the Greek culture as well, but in the movie the opposite is shown in every reference. If Agamemnon had been moderate and humble the goddess would not have gotten angry. If Paris had practiced this, the Great War would not have started in the first place. Also, if…

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