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Green County Drug Court The Green County court system has finally decided to implement a "drug court" to bring about some much-needed changes in the current system. The county has authorized a new judge and is debating the merits whether that individual should be elected or appointed. The court is also considering the questions of whether it should operate on a due process model or a crime control model and whether juveniles should be adjudicated.

Green County elects its judges, but in this instance it is recommended that the drug court judge be appointed. The primary reason is expedience. Political campaigns, in addition to being costly in terms of money, are costly in terms of time. Green County needs to address its drug problem immediately and can do so by appointing a judge.

Election campaigns can also take the focus away from an issue. The recent brouhaha over President Obama's birth certificate is an example of an issue manufactured to create controversy and generate publicity. News coverage was a considerable distraction...


Green County does not have time to waste watching personality conflicts and trumped up claims take precedence over the drug problem. Appointing a judge would address the issue. It would allow the County to bring in a well-qualified individual with demonstrated success in the area of drug-related adjudication. That person may not be known to the people of the County but may in fact be the best person for the job. It would be difficult to be elected in a new community; the time it would take to build a constituency would take precious time away from the problem the County wants to solve.
The harm reduction model has been demonstrated effective in some communities, and it is recommended that Green County adopt it as well. The harm reduction model posits that the odds for total abstinence are unrealistic for most people. The court will look at ways to help people reduce their drug use and thus cut the crime associated with fueling individuals' drug habits. The court will have to look at the extent to which it is willing to decriminalize drug use and focus on changing behavior patterns of abusers. Court-ordered participation in outpatient treatment programs is a solution the County is willing to try. Treatment centers may ask adult drug users what alternatives…

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