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Healthcare Reform PPACA

Determine how this Federal law will affect market-driven and non-market driven decisions.

One of the industries that has felt the effects of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act most immediately and intensely was the insurance industry in the United States. One of the chief reasons that the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act was introduced and passed into American legislation was the effect of rising health care costs attributed to arbitrary and non-competitive costs exacted from healthcare consumers from the insurance industry. There was a general lack of regulation within the industry, which had been demonstrated to have had a negative impact on healthcare outcomes and trends. The United States, while the largest economy and a dominant world superpower, has an underperforming healthcare industry compared to other developed, industrialized nations.

One of the central conflicts associated with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act is related to philosophical differences of opinion about whether allowing the healthcare industry to be affected by the free market is ultimately to the benefit of American public health at large and specifically, individuals' health options and outcomes. One argument asserts that the free market drives down costs and incentivizes innovations that promote better and more accessible healthcare. The other position on the
...The healthcare act will prevent the free market from influencing the healthcare industry as extensively as has happened in the past, while at the same time, introducing alternative options for Americans besides in the insular insurance industry.

2. Describe the circumstances at which you would prepare a strategic plan to include this new law in your marketing decisions, knowing this new law may or may not take effect.

When considering the circumstances under which I would prepare a strategic plan for mitigating the effects of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act upon my marketing decisions, I believe it would make sense to formulate a comprehensive strategic plan that incorporated multiple contingency plans. A plan that is created well in advance of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act taking place would be incredibly important and would allow for the development of projection analysis of the potential effect on the market that the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act would have.

It is not just whether or not the laws takes effect that would determine the course of strategic action for marketing. It is the decisions of other similar corporations and industries that will effect setting a salient and profitable course of action. It would be vital from a marketing perspective to construct an analysis of other marketing strategies relating to the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act's impact on the industry. This will assist in determining optimal operational timing and marketing decision-making.

Even if the law does not take effect, it is reasonable to assume that the preparatory actions of other corporations and industrial interests would have some longer-term impacts upon the market and would influence the strategic planning and marketing efforts of all related businesses.

3. Discuss how each of the five (5) environmental forces…

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