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7) There are several subplots in the film. The first of these is Felix Happer, the chairman of the board of Knox Oil & Gas, and Mac's boss. He is extremely wealthy and powerful, but psychologically somewhat fragile. In order to help face his problems, Happer engages an "abuse therapist" to hurl various forms of ill treatment at him. He is also interested in furthering his chances of immortality. He addresses this need by compulsively scanning the skies for a comet to bear his name. This relates to the theme as a whole in its commentary on how fleeting and futile the world of business is. His extreme wealth does not make Felix Happer a happy man, nor does it bring him peace of mind or any sense of contentment. In contrast, the beachcomber/owner Ben Knox lives in complete poverty and utter contentment in the knowledge that no force on earth can take his beach from him without his permission.

Another subplot is the developing romance between Danny Oldsen, Mac's Scottish associate, and Marina. The latter is a marine biologist who wishes to establish an oceanic research station in the area. This subplot relates to the overall dichotomy between small-town living and big-city discontent. Danny represents the trappings of large-scale business, while Marina, as her name also suggests, represents the return to nature. Indeed, it is suggested that Marina is in truth a mermaid.

8) it has been mentioned above that Mac goes through a number of changes. While he never comes into open conflict with the lifestyle of the Ferness citizens, the differences are obvious from the start. Mac however becomes ever more deeply engaged in his new lifestyle. While he is initially observed as constantly looking at his watch, he later leaves his watch forgotten on a rock while collecting shells. Later he takes increasing walks on the beach, and his clothing becomes increasingly casual. During his walks on the beach the expression on his face is shown to be serene. He also begins to sympathize with the local citizens on an emotional level and fights for what he believes they want. He participates in cultural events and comes into closer physical contact with other people than ever before in his business.

9) the most effective character introduction in the film is Mac's protest, "I'm more of a Telex man," which sums up exactly what he is and what he initially stands for in the film. This sentence provides Mac's most basic characteristic in the beginning of the film - he prefers distance to personal communication. This introduction is also particularly poignant, because Mac is the character who changes most radically in the film.

10) the Telex machine figures prominently in the film. It is an isolation device for the modern business world. In futuristic terms, Mac enjoys the latest in automobile and home technology. His ultra-modern car also serves to isolate him from people and nature. This contrasts with the slow pace he finds when arriving in Scotland.

11) Dramatic irony can be found in the fact that Mac begins to care about the fate of Ferness, and is less eager for the deal to go through. He does not however know that the citizens are eager to sell, because they are tired of the difficult life they are obliged to live in the town.

12) Exposition is handled by means of the characters, their actions and dialog. Mac's initial actions and dialog for example shows his isolation, whereas his later dialog, facial expression and clothing shows his growth towards greater humanity.

13) Mac is the central unifying figure in the film. The first tension in the film occurs when Mac is given the Ferness assignment that he does not want. He struggles with feelings of being out of place. However, as he becomes used to living in Ferness, he begins to open to the beauty of the place and becomes passionate about conserving it. Please break the story down into sequences with their own tension. In the end, negotiations reach…

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