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Nationwide, those who attended graduate school were 11 percentage points more likely to vote for Kerry than those without a college education.

In other discoveries, Bush supporters believed overwhelmingly (72% to 26%) that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction (still). This is despite the fact that it was categorically established that Iraq had no such weapons.

Bush supporters also believed, in comparison to Kerry supporters, overwhelmingly that Iraq was tied to Al Queda, when again it was categorically established there existed no such ties.

This article continues to establish that Bush supporters voted for an image and a set of factual inconsistencies that they either mistakenly believed or wanted to believe, whereas Kerry's supporters voted on facts.

Despite Rhetoric, Bush, Kerry Agree on Many Issues. Washington Post: May 9, 2004.

Although many people felt the 2004 election was an epic clash between two completely opposing camps, in reality, both sides had very similar views on most of the key issues.

For instance, Bush wants to preserve tax breaks for the middle class, and slash the deficit by 2009 and limit government spending. So did Kerry. and, on the other side, Kerry supports a continued American leadership role in Iraq, enhanced authority for the United Nations and sending more troops into Iraq if needed. So does Bush.

The truth is, despite the constant attacks, both choices for president would have handled the situations very similarly.

The Issue Left Behind: The Nation. Oct. 21, 2004.

Despite all of the attention given to No Child Left Behind as the savior for the American education system, there are many problems.

Most educators agree with the law in principle, but abhor its application as being absolutely untenable and unviable.

Bush successfully trumpeted standards…

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