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¶ … PPACA and its implications on existing health care in the United States.

The PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) overviews the following factors:

Creates an Individual Mandate: it requires the citizens of the United States to have their health insurance covered or either pay punishment for it

Establishes American Health Benefit Exchange: PPACA has made new sections in order to spread the coverage and make it more affordable and accessible. It has created American Health Benefit Exchanges which helps the citizens who cannot afford coverage.

Changes Private Health Insurance Coverage: This act also helps the people to gain access to coverage that are affordable so that the citizens do not lose their coverage

Expands Medicaid: Medicaid is expanded through PPACA by covering certain groups that were not previously covered by Medicare like adults without children, or low-income people.

Establishes New High -- Risk Insurance Pool: a health risk insurance coverage at the federal level is formed by PPACA which provides the people who cannot afford with the coverage (LAO, 2010).

PPACA is here to stay no matter what party someone belongs to; it also comes with strict provisions, reporting requirements, plan structure, participation,...


Many states believe that certain citizens purchasing the insurance poses a threat to other citizens who cannot afford to cover their insurances. The constitutional sources cited by the federal authorities do not legitimize the use of power to enforce the insurance on the people (Pandya, 2012). The states also took this matter to the Supreme Court because in their opinion, the PPACA does not bring any advantage to the people nor will it improve their lives in any way (Heal, 2012).

Evaluate possible benefits and negative implications with the implementation of the PPACA.


Increased coverage: More than 32 million people in America will now have a chance to cover their health insurance that was not previously accessible to them.

A lot of patients that had preexisting problems will now be able to cover their health insurances and the company will not drop them when they get sick (SHC, 2012)

The federal government will pay the states to help cover the insurances of the people who cannot…

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