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Flannery O'Connor "Parker's Back" in the form of a Literary Analysis Question" (better known as a "Research Question")

An epiphany involves a person having an intense experience that makes him or her see things and life differently. This concept is generally associated with religious occurrences, as people often report turning their lives around as a consequence of going through an episode that changes their understanding of the world and that makes them want to get actively involved in putting across religious attitudes. Although it would be difficult to relate to an epiphany solely by discussing about religious concepts, many individuals agree that an epiphany has to contain a sort of a supernatural aspect.

There are several situations that can be linked to the definition of an epiphany in Flannery O'Connor's "Parker's Back." The moment when he sees a man covered in tattoos is the first experience that he undergoes and that changes him. This episode is essential for the overall course of the story because it provides readers with the ability to understand the degree to which a person can change his or her life as a consequence of seeing something that is concomitantly inspiring and breath-taking. The time when he chooses to have Christ tattooed on his back is yet another essential moment for the storyline. This occurrence involves Parker filling the last spot on his body with tattoos and becoming a believer at the same time -- thus bringing on a paradox that signals the nature of life in general.

In spite of his apparent decadence, Parker is shown in a way that makes readers feel that he is a strong person. His determination, his passion, and the fact that he has the power to recover from conditions that are certainly challenging prove that he is much more than the man Ruth sees in him.

Question 2.

The idea of people seeing traditions and passion as interconnected dominates most of the story. Parker seems like an outcast -- he is reprimanded for the choices he makes and has to stand by as individuals like Ruth try to impose their beliefs on him. When regarding things from a perspective involving personal beliefs and passion, it would be safe to say that Parker's love for tattoos is no different from Ruth's love for God. Tattoos play an essential role in the man's life and give him a sense of achievement. The fact that he has tattoos does not harm anyone and it would certainly be wrong to see him as…

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