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Career Development and Advancement of Human Resources: How they Influence the Performance qualities of Local Government Administration


This paper analyzes career development and its effectiveness concerning organizational roles. It explains how career development must resonate with organizational goals to determine the performance attributes of the administration. In measuring these influences, career development acts as an independent variable and performance as the dependent variable. This requires the application of human resource structure for deployment and as a platform for assessing their performance. The research utilized questionnaires in data collection with a sample size of 154 from the service sector. The analysis applied the regression method, after which the findings demonstrated that human resource management serves as the best method of enhancing performance qualities. It happens through proper administration that is aimed at address career needs. Besides, the findings showed that career development influenced the commitment and loyalty of those employees towards the organizations.


Multiple factors affect the career development and performance of local administration. Often, this will depend on the nature of the human resource environment. This paper analyzes Human Resource Management: Employees Career Development Impact on Organizational Performance by Ahmed and Ke to demonstrate the influences on local government administration. To better understand the procedures and analysis used in the article, the paper is supported by two additional articles.


Human resource management helps in matching the careers with the organizations goals (Ahmed & Ke, 2016, p. 1). It emphasizes how the activities should be aligned so that their effects reflect on the performance of an organization. These activities determine the administrations responses, and the actions taken by the administration have equal effects on human resources. This implies that the influences are mutual. Hence there is a need to synchronize the requirements of each player for overall performance improvement. The research by Ahmed and Ke focused on the relationship between performance and human management, factors considered in creating human resources, and the evaluation of employees based on their career needs.

The study…be applicable on a large scale. It means a sample of 154, as in the study discussed in this paper, does not provide good representation. Besides, the limited data makes it challenging to conclude that the influences are due to career development or even advanced human resources. There could be other influencing factors whose contribution affects performance qualities and other administrative functionalities. (p. 23).

Thus, the research provided information that applies to a small sample size or in a specific organization but cannot provide universal guidelines on the influences of career development local administration performance qualities. The regression method that leads to the development of a linear relationship is chosen for convenience, considering the components of the chosen sample. This implies that applying a different approach like the meta-analysis used by Gerrish could lead to different outcomes that are not linear. Lastly, the aspect of time, which is paramount in assessing career development and performance, has not been considered. Accordingly, the research is not sufficient in…

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