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applying for admission to the Lubin School of Business at Pace University, with an Accounting specialty. I have earned a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, and currently that is my field of practice. An MBA from Pace University is a critical element in my career development.

The reputation that Pace University has for excellence in accounting study is one of the most significant reasons why I want to attend Lubin. The school's AACSB is important to me, because I feel that having such prestigious international accreditation carries with it extra weight and, quite frankly, higher standards with respect to the education that I will receive. That Pace places priority on such accreditation is important to me, because I want my school to have an organization-wide commitment to excellence and upholding the highest standards of business schools around the world. The international focus is important in the current global business environment, and in the accounting profession in particular as we address the issue of convergence with IFRS.

The second critical factor that draws me to the Lubin school is the opportunity to directly advance my career through internships or co-op programs with the best accounting firms in the world. So many other business schools downplay the value of experience, but my work experience tells me that the best business education for me combines academic knowledge and real world experience. I am attending business school to build a better career for myself, and having the opportunity to study in a program that is integrated with the business community in…

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