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Personal Statement

As a person who is concerned with the environment and has a background in information technology, applying for admission to a Masters of Science program at XXX University is one in a series of logical steps and choices in my personal and professional lives. As a student in MSEM program, I will utilize my professional knowledge and skills acquired from both my experience as a biomedical engineering student and my family business to contribute to this community. My interests and skills coincide, expand, and deepen at the prospect of entrance to a Masters of Science program in the area of Biomedical Engineering.

My parents both own companies in China that focus on international trading business. I grew up in an environment full of business people and I enjoy it. I found doing business is compelling and thrilling. As the companies grow, they opened their companies divisions in XXXX in 2005 and 2006. I volunteered to help them with their companies because I have always wanted to do their business in the future, and by helping them early on, I could earn experience that will give me advantages in the future. I wish to channel my energy, abilities, and curiosity into the Master of Science program at XXX University.

The family business focuses on the textiles, and it makes good profit every year. However, I have bigger ambition and I realize that in order to expand our business, we need to expand to technology field. Biotechnology will be an ideal field because I also have an enthusiasm in studying science, especially in the filed of biology. That's why I'm pursuing a Bachelor degree of science in Biomedical engineering in XXXX University. I was hoping the program could grant me with the knowledge I need to make a contribution to my family business.

The first year went well, and I had a lot of free time to go to New Year to help my parents' business there. However, as sophomore year started, the course got much more challenging than before, which demanded that I augment my efforts. Managing time between helping my parents and doing well in the school was a severe challenge. Thus, my GPA started to drop in the sophomore year. In junior year, I even failed my Fluid Mechanics class. The class was an extremely challenging class; the professor used taught graduate level Fluid Mechanics. That year was his first year to teach undergraduate level. Thus, most of his class focused on graduate level material. Despite my greatest efforts, I failed the course, devastating my confidence.

The program focuses all the aspect of engineering, yet, the professional courses that related to real biomedical engineering started in…

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