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student, I am considering a degree that would provide me with the foundational knowledge to further advance my professional career in the line of Pharmacy. Healthcare has always been an interest for me, and I have a very strong wish to be able to work in those surroundings where I can interact fully with the patients. I have very good communication skills which would help me to interact and deal with different people at all times. By further studying Pharmacy, I would be in a responsible position and involve myself by consulting with different patients as well as advising them to take appropriate medicines for their treatment (Personal Statement, n.d.).

I have previously participated in PharmD training from Princess Bint Abdulrehman University in clinical rotations as part of Preceptor Training. Furthermore I have also worked in the Drug and Poisoning Information Center at King Saud Medical City (KSMC) as a Medication Safety specialist. Before getting involved in Pharmacy, I wanted to learn more about the type of potential required for it. I decided to work and participate in different projects which gave me a lot of insight and experience about what Pharmacy requires. I participated in the pharmacokinetic program at KSMC's drug and poisoning information center, May 2011. I also participated in performing a DRP (drug related problems) program, at KSMC's drug and poisoning information center, November 2011.

I am not someone who is daunted by the idea of university studies, and am positively and actively looking forward to this life. In addition to the advancement in my career, I also see this as an opportunity for me to develop my skills and learn to interact with various individuals belonging to different areas. I would ideally like to be enrolled in a degree program that is clinically orientated and is also dynamic, apart from the strong interactions with different pharmaceutical companies (Personal Statement, n.d.). Previously I have earned a bachelor's degree (B.S.) in Pharmacology in 2011, and completed my Masters Degree in Pharmacy, both from King Saud University in 2015. So knowing about the details of the degree program, and after thorough research about the University and the subjects of the study program, your organization fulfills my needs and a suitable course.

Furthermore when I visited your campus and had an opportunity to look around, I found out that the environment of the campus was a good place…

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