How Social Media Impacts Travel Decisions Essay

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How social media influence customers purchasing behavior in the Macau Hotel.

Social media has a major impact on the purchasing decisions of consumers around the world. Here, consumers often rely on the recommendations and opinions of trusted individuals within their sphere of influence. These recommendations are very potent as they come from people that are well known, trusted, and dont have a motive to mislead others. This form of trustworthiness makes social media a very important element within the advertising and promotion industry. Likewise, social media allows for consumers to direct message and communicate personally with individuals that advocate for a particular hotel or destination. This is another critical element as it allows for another method in which to confirm and verify information that was previously presented on a social media page. The ability to leverage trusted friends, conduct additional research, and personally confirm the value proposition of the offering through direct messaging, are all benefits of social media.

As it relates to Macau Hotel in particular, social media has yet another major influence. Here, social media can help expand the prevalence of globalization and its merits. Traditionally, travel has been heavily restricted to countries that were considered Safe. Here, international travel was considered risky due to variable beyond the consumers control. Elements such as political instability, the potential for terrorist attacks, and the lack of law often limited travel to certain regions. Social media helps to…When making a travel purchasing decision, which elements are the most important to you (ZMOT)

a. Price

b. Value

c. Location

d. Activities

e. Reviews online

f. Multiple Please select which elements

g. Other

7. Outside of social media, what other information do you leverage to make a travel decision? (ZMOT)

8. Is your purchasing decision influenced by the timing of the social media review or posts of a particular destination? (Theory of social impact) Yes or No?

9. When searching for a travel destination rate the influence of social media on your purchasing decision between a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most influential and 1 being the least influential (Theory of social impact)

10. Can you describe your perceptions of Macau as a travel…

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