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Assessment of a Fluoridation Policy from the Perspective of Different Stakeholders

When examining the different potential; perspectives of different stakeholders, it is important to note that many of the concerns and issues are not mutually exclusive to the different stakeholders and different perspectives. The following matrix presents some of the potential views of different stakeholders from different perspectives.


Possible perspectives held by these stakeholders:










Legislation is needed to enforce what has been a voluntary measure in the past, as many communities have not yet adopted the practice. The benefits outweigh the cost, and it is cost effective to add fluoride to the water; saving between $8 and $49 for each $1 spent (CDC, 2013).

Individual freedoms should be protected; placing fluoride in the water forces all those who use the water to consume the fluoride, without any choice or autonomy, and possibly without their knowledge.

There may be concern for the potential of a legal challenge to legislation forcing fluoridation from the opponents. Other legislation, such as Obamacare has faced legal challenges. There may be concerns that it may be seen as unconstitutional under the 14th law to be passed which breaches the free exercise of religion. Some religions believe that there should not be interference, for example the Christian Science Church, where there is meant to be sole reliance on God for health (Strong, 1967). Claims for this have failed in the past but it does not prevent the potential belief by some in the legislature.

It is ethical to impose a measure that will provide a greater benefit than the associated cost, and fluoridation will create significant benefits.

Legislators to pass bills they believe their electorate will support, if they pass unpopular legislation they are unlikely to be elected in the following terms. Legislators must believe it is in the benefits of their electorate and has sufficient support to pass the bill, or that if it is not popular, it will not be sufficiently unpopular to result in failure to be re-elected.

Society needs to be protected form itself, especially as the state…

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The firm should be able to respond to market needs; if the customers want fluoride in the water they will demand it, and water companies will need to provide it, it should be left to market forces.

May be concern regarding potential liability is it is later proven there are health risks associated with fluoride. May also have concerns regarding specific risks / liabilities to high risk individuals, such as those on dialysis (National Kidney Foundation, 2008).

There may also be concerns regarding the issue of compliance, how it will be checked and

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