The Value Of Giving Employees A Voice Capstone Project

Quarterly Employee Driven Engagement Events


There is evidence that employee engagement lead to better organizational performance, yet many organizations struggle to create and sustain an engaged workforce. Quarterly employee-driven engagement events are one way to address this issue. Quarterly events can and should be tailored to the specific needs of the organization and the workforce. By planning quarterly employee engagement events, organizations can keep their workforce engaged and motivated throughout the year. This paper outlines a plan for promoting quarterly employee-driven engagement events in order to increase employee engagement and improve organizational performance.


First, the plan will promote communication between management and employees by letting employees choose the engagement activity for each quarter. They will have a choice of four events for now: a Chili Cookoff, a Winter Escape Room, a March Madness Basketball Free Throw Competition, and a Pyramid-style Gameshow. Obviously, some events will be more thematically aligned to certain parts of the year, but employees should still be made to feel that they have a choice in the matter. This will help ensure that employees feel invested in the event and that their voices are heard. By allowing employees to make decisions about these events, you are giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility. This can encourage them to take pride in their work and feel more invested in the companys success. Additionally, letting employees make decisions about employee-driven events can help to create a more democratic and egalitarian workplace. This can foster a sense of cooperation and respect among employees, and may even lead to increased creativity and innovation.

Second, support should be provided for employees who want to organize and run the event. This includes giving them access to resources and providing financial assistance if necessary. By providing them with the necessary capital to organize and prepare the events, they will have no barriers but a budget, which will be determined by management; so long as they operate within the budget, employees will be responsible for the organization of the events. They should elect a committee that will oversee these processes, with quarterly elections for each quarterly event. This will spark further motivation and engagement, as all employees...…each other to have the winner of the station. Topics will be a mix of VA-focused, trivia, and general knowledge. Topics may be presented ahead for self-study. The final round will be a mixture of questions from all VA business lines. Potential prizes include gift cards or brown bag lunches with management.


Employee engagement is a critical part of any organization's success. Not only does it contribute to positive morale and increased productivity, but it can also lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction. As such, it is essential to develop a plan for quarterly employee-driven engagement events. The chili cookoff is a great way to promote team building and encourage employees to get to know one another. The winter escape room is an ideal way to promote problem solving and collaboration, while the March Madness basketball free throw competition is a fun way to get employees involved in friendly competition. Finally, the $100,000 pyramid-style game show is a great way to encourage employees to think outside the box and have some fun. By planning quarterly employee-driven engagement events, organizations can encourage positive employee morale…

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