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Admissions Statement

Applicant first and last names

Supporting Statement for Post Graduate Admission

Music is my first and strongest love. I spend most of my time listening to music, composing music, learning as much as I can about music, and devoting as much of my life to the pursuit and study of music as possible. Therefore, studying in a course of Music Technology at the post graduate level is the logical course of action for me on my path to achieve my professional, academic, and personal goals. I am a creative and disciplined person with passion, skills, and potential. I am ready to hone the skills I have been cultivating up until this point in my life and dedicate myself to the academic and personal challenges that a post graduate course presents. I have developed a strong skill set, but I am aware that in order to accomplish the goals I have for myself, it requires further study and diversification of my repertoire.

There are a variety of goals I have that pertain to the study and composition of music. I am most interested in composing soundtracks and foley for the film industry. I have already discovered my talent and aptitude for composing compelling soundtrack to film and video that has already been produced. I function well working independently and work well in groups. My socialization and networking skills are adequate, but that is an area in which I believe all people no matter their industry could use improvement, myself included. I enjoy meeting other artists in the field, and I know my interest in film will bring me in contact with film professionals; thus, another aspect of this course that appeals to me is to strengthen my communication and networking skills. An area in which I must improve is the ability to compose soundtrack…

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