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Religion and Homosexuality

There are numerous unanswered questions about homosexuality that people have; some have formed opinions about whether its right or wrong based on their beliefs. For example, do people choose to live like this or is it in their genes? Why is it that people think of homosexuality as abnormal? People often say that it is Adam and Eve and certainly not Adam and Steve. Why is it that people associate religious beliefs with homosexuality and that they believe homosexuals would go to hell? For centuries the homosexuals have been living very intimidating lives as they have been looked down upon because people considered that God created humans to procreate and thus consider homosexuals to be abnormal. There have been a lot of times when people have told me that homosexuals choose to have this sort of lifestyle. It has been noticed than when it comes to moral questions many people prefer answering them in the light of their religious teachings; same is the case with the concept of homosexuality and whether it is negative or positive, wrong or right.

'Foundations of the Earth' is a book that was written by Randall Kenan who was born on 12th of March 1963 in New York, Brooklyn. Fiction and non-fiction stories were written by him about the experience of an African-American gay man who lived in the southern part of United States. Kenan had identified himself as the African-American gay man. He started teaching in various universities after he got his graduation degree in Writing and English from University of North Carolina.

'Foundations of Earth' tells the story of a grandmother from an African-American decent with the name Maggie MacGowan Williams who had difficulties in coming to term with the reality that Edward, her grandson was a homosexual. It was not only that she had to accept the fact that her own grandson was gay and lived with Gabriel, his lover but also that he got killed in a car accident. It was after a lot of thinking and soul-searching that Maggie invited Gabriel to meet her and tell her more about her grandson's life that she didn't know anything about until recently.

Maggie has a lot of problems in coming to terms with the kind of lifestyle his grandson had especially due to the fact that she was a very religious person. At one point in the book we see Maggie holding herself responsible for the way Edward turned out but soon she realized that she raised him in the best possible manner that she could and that she was actually very good to him. Later on Maggie started to blame Edward for not staying in touch with her for so many years and not letting her know what was actually going on in his life. She was also angry at the fate as before she could decide to go and confront her grandson about his lifestyle choices his car was hit by a truck and she lost her 27 years old grandchild forever (Kenan, pg 152).

In this portion of the book the hurt that Maggie is suffering from after losing her grandson is expressed. She thinks of her religious beliefs and soon we see her blaming not her grandson but his lover Gabriel. We see Maggie getting angry when at Edward's funeral Gabriel comes to Maggie and offers his condolences. She blames him for making Edward the way he was and throwing his lust first at him and then she felt that now he was flaunting it all in her face and that too at the funeral of her grandson (Kenan, pg 153). However, Gabriel doesn't get offended by Maggie's feeling sand kept coming back to make her understand the kind of life that Edward was living and his believes. We then see these two becoming closer and Maggie understanding the choices made by her grandson in a better manner.

The racial aspect has been mentioned by Kenan at the very end of the book. It was in a question that Maggie asked Gabriel when they were leaving the church one day about whether it was difficult being gay. The reply that Gabriel gave clearly shows how Kenan has put the racial and sexual orientation problems in the story. Gabriel replied that he and Edward often got into an argument because Edward always said that it was easier living in this country as gay than as a black because you can always pass for being straight however, a black person can't pass as white.

There have been many heated debates when it comes to homosexuality and what religion has to say about it. Many of the Christians think of homosexuality as a huge sin and they believe that not only doing it but thinking about is a sin as well, although not as big as acting upon it. A lot of vs. from the Bible have been mentioned in an article "Homosexuality, A Christian Perspective," which clearly state that you have to be tolerant with others and if you see someone going in the wrong direction guide him to the right one and if God wills they will be saved from the devil's snare (Copeland,

Recently I interviewed a person concerning homosexuality and she said, "until a few years ago if you had asked me about my believes regarding homosexuality I would have said that it's a big sin but that's probably because until recently I didn't have anyone that I loved who was gay. And now that I know of a very dear friend of mine who loves God and is gay, I am confused about the whole thing being right or wrong. When I look at him I feel something good about him I feel that he is a ray of hope for many homosexuals because he clearly is an example of how anyone can love God." She said that in the past she always thought that the gay men led this kind of life because they were molested or abused as kids but she doesn't believe that anymore.

She further said that she believes that some gays are actually born that way as, she has seen small boys who have very feminine characteristics and she doesn't believe that God actually make mistakes. She told me that one day her hairdresser who is also gay told to her that he strongly believed that being gay is a birth defect and that we gays are born with. She further said, "I don't believe anyone would want to live like this deliberately and suffer from the ridicule that comes with living in such a manner." She said, "I believe in the Holy Bible and what is said in it regarding the way that Adam and Eve were born. How Adam was alone and then God decided that a companion should be made for him and that was when Eve was born. I know the words say that 'they were created male and female.'

She further said, "I believe God has created a natural order for all kind of things and a man and woman are suppose to live as one and probably this is why two men or two women can't procreate. It doesn't mean that I don't believe in two men or two women loving each other but I am of the opinion that it does fit with the natural order of things that God wanted. However just because it doesn't fit the natural order of things doesn't mean that God hates homosexuals or that I detest homosexuals or that they should be treated in a poor manner by the others."

We have been given free will by God. We all do things at one point or another in our life that…[continue]

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