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Raisin in the Sun Casting

The author of this report is asked to pick actors for A Raisin in the Sun using the actors and actresses of the author's choice. The characters that will be cast will be the main ones in the movie. These would include the roles of Walter Lee Younger, Ruth Younger, Lena Younger, Beneatha Younger, Bobo, Moving Man, Travis Younger, George Murchison, Joseph Asagai, and Karl Linder. The rest of this report will be dialog created by author of this report that will set the stage for the established and pre-existing content from A Raisin In The Sun.

Walter Lee Younger -- I think a good choice for this role would be Forrest Whitaker. He is very flexible actor and absolutely has the range to portray someone with aspirations but perhaps is aloof and unaware of the pitfalls and risks that exist in something like a business investment.

Ruth Younger -- A good actress for Ruth would be Gina Torres, one of the current stars of Suits on USA Network. She's a little younger than Whitaker but close enough to matter. She's good with her poise and measured words and she could convey the idea that she's content with her lot in life.

Lena Younger -- A good person to play Lena would be Halle Berry. She is also the right age and has the presence to make the morality-based arguments and assertions in that role.

Beneatha Younger -- The person who portrayed Beneatha in the 2008 film for this production was Sanaa Lathan and she really did an outstanding job…so that should be the person that does it in my cast.

Bobo -- The man who played Bobo in the 2008 movie was William Nunn. A good counterpart to that would be Ving Rames. Any man of that stature that can portray a drag queen and pull it off well, such as Rames did, has the range to do this part.

Travis Younger -- Travis is a younger kid and black so the best person perhaps for that role would be Bow Wow, more commonly known as Shad Gregory Moss.

George Murchison -- A good younger black actor that could play George Murchison would be Morris Chesnutt.

Joseph Asagai & Karl Linder: Just as was done in the 2008 film, David Oyelowo and John Stamos are good for these roles and would be used in my production.

Next up are a few foundation-laying scenes that could be used to precede the start of the pre-existing production of "A Raisin In The Sun" as it was actually produced.

Scene I -- Context of Walter

(Set about a year after the point in which the existing script ends. Walter is walking down the street near his old apartment and bumps into his old friend Marcus. They strike up a conversation about what and how things have changed since Walter moved to the family's new home)

Marcus: Where you been, my man? Been too long

Walter: I know brother…we're living up in a house that Lena bought with her insurance money.

Marcus: Was that the money you wanted to use for the liquor store investment thing?

Walter: Yea…she did give me a few bucks to use as I saw fit but she insisted on getting the house with some of it and putting money towards Travis's education as well.

Marcus: So she kinda did all three instead of just one of them?

Walter: Yea...I didn't think that was the best move at the time. I didn't think moving to a neighborhood with a bunch of white people would end well but it's not going bad, really. I'm sure some mutter under their breath but most of them are quite nice to us and it's a much better area. I didn't think Lena was right..but I was wrong…plus it was her decision to make. She didn't have to give me a dime…or Travis…but she did.

Marcus: Really? Isn't it a little dicey living in an area with no one like yourself?

Walter: It's really not that bad…and for those that don't like it, I don't care. We're happier…we're safer…and I say Lena did the right thing. The house is a better place for all of us and it can stay in the family when Lena passes on.

Marcus: How about the wifey…how she feel about it?

Walter: She was with Lena the whole way…she's over the moon that we got the house and we were able to help out Travis. Plus, she was content with what we had even if it was a little rought. Even so, she thinks this is the best outcome for all of us?

Marcus: How's that money doing that you got?

Walter: My partner screwed me…took the cash and ran. I shoulda pushed for the house thing all along though…it was the best thing and the sure thing.

Marcus: So was it scary or crazy moving there initially?

Walter: Sure was…you hear these horror stories about racists and such doing nasty thing…but like I said, it's been a great area for us and the people we've spoken to have been very good to us. We obviously don't move in the same social circles most of the time, but that's OK. There were some people in the area that tried to bribe us into not moving in the area, but we told them to go spit. We're going to choose where we live…not the other way around.

Marcus: Eh…dunno if I could do that. Maybe y'all shoulda gone somewhere else and not take the money?

Walter: Lena wouldn't hear any of that…and she wouldn't let the issue drop. When it came down to things, it was either stay in the apartment or go with even with the racists trying to keep us out…was not a hard choice for me. We coulda found another house but it's not our problem if they're uncomfortable for such silly and stupid reasons.

Marcus: Not sure I woulda done the same thing

Walter: You like it here that much?

Marcus: Nah…but I'm not one to go where I'm not wanted

Walter: Yea…I understand that…but I think it's wrong. You can't let a few racist white people dictate how you live your life.

Marcus: Attitudes like that can get you into trouble

Walter: Maybe…but probably not unless you confront and stir things up. Most people will leave you be or at least not dare say something to your face so long as you don't force the issue.

Marcus: Not my experience…at least not based on what I've heard

Walter: But how true you think all of that is? Don't think there's a little exaggeration in all those stories?

Marcus: You mean you don't think there ain't a lot of racist white people?

Walter: Nah…just what they will or won't do if you dare to silently stand up for what you believe in including where you live, who you live with and why.

Marcus: I guess that's an issue I have…I don't want to hate those racists back like they hate me…but it still rankles me that we black people have to put up with all of this mess when we didn't do anything wrong

Walter: I've been reading up on some history of this country…we ain't the first people to get it rough, man.

Marcus: You mean like slavery and all that?

Walter: Not quite that bad…but the Irish had it pretty rough also…and they were starving up where they came from…so they face a much worse choice than I probably ever would.

Marcus: Irish were starving?

Walter: Yea…all their potatoes started dying and stuff

Marcus: Wow…no wonder they came. They seem to be doing good now

Walter: Yea…and we'll do better, too. There's ways to break the barriers and make…[continue]

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