Business Skills -- Personal Evaluation Demonstrate Effective Capstone Project

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Business Skills -- Personal Evaluation

Demonstrate effective communication skills

• I have expanded my vocabulary to include standard practical and theoretical business concepts and I have increased my proficiency with digital technology communications media. I have learned how to coordinate my vocabulary, language, and persuasion efforts to specific audiences depending on whether they are laypeople, professionals, colleagues, or strangers. This skill is extremely important within the military, in particular, because communications that are standard among service members are often incomprehensible to civilians and because civilian communications may be too imprecise to convey the minimum necessary information and distinctions typically communicated best through highly specialized terminology.

• I have improved my ability to use email and other forms of technology to communicate in a professional manner. That also includes a greater understanding of the manner in which different communications media typically require the communicator to consider how various communications efforts might be interpreted depending on the type of communications media involved. This skill is important because the vehicle by which communications...
...That has enabled me to process complex information in reading materials, to summarize them accurately to make use of them in subsequent discussions, and to write about them intelligently. This is important because much of the value of our conceptual understanding is lost unless we are able to communicate those concepts effectively to others. As a result, I am now better able to express in written form what I can express comfortably in verbal communications.

• I have learned how to tailor my language and persuasive strategies to different audiences (lay vs. professional, colleagues vs. strangers). That now allows me to discuss the same concepts, including complex or highly-technical ideas with very different audiences without confusing laypeople or wasting the time of more sophisticated audiences. This is an important skill because communicating in the wrong tone can undermine our ability to convey our understanding to others. For example, using an overly technical or sophisticated communication style can make it difficult for others to understand us if they lack our level of knowledge. Meanwhile, communicating too informally with superiors and others who are more knowledgeable could cause them to be unsure of our qualifications and knowledge. That includes learning how to use the outline process to improve my public speaking and my written assignments. In that respect, I have learned to compose different types of outlines…

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